Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#47 [La Venta - 7] Oct. 28th, 2013

WOW! what a week! I hope you are all great! Just know that I love you all and pray for you every day :)

The other day, all of the herms got packages and mail, and I had nothing. Luckily, Herm Peck's mom gave me a pack of Starbursts, so I felt loved – haha kidding.

Well, let me tell you about the week. A lot happened, but I don't have the desire to write all of the details. I will in my journal, and if you so desire when I return, I will show you and let you read along :)

But all last transfer, we have been trying to move houses. Our house is lovely, but just far away, and you have to go thru these dark, sketchy places, where lots of men are always drinking and such. Not super safe. So the ward has been trying to move us. And we FINALLY DID! We ended up moving on like, Friday, I think. And it took a long time, and we still haven't put everything away, because technically the house wasn't up to par, but we wanted to move in, so we promised to paint it. And we just got to doing that this morning, so now we can finally unpack. But man, I hate moving. I will probably never move. That means I am going to stay in the family house my whole life! YEAH :)

The new house is nice. I didn't take pictures, but I will. It's bigger, there are just a lot of mosquitoes all the time, and I guess now mice, too. We've been sleeping with our mattresses on the floor, and it's been fun, but also annoying, but whatever.

Friday was super crazy, and at night I was just exhausted and ready for Saturday, which was our baptism, and we didn't have lots planned so it was going to be a "chill" day. But I was wrong.

Let it go down in history that Saturday, October 26th, 2013, was the worst day of the mission, and probably the worst day of my entire life. Seriously, I am not just being dramatic. Everything that went wrong, pretty much did. There was so much stress, and I cried about every hour at least once. I made a list of everything that happened, and on that list were like, 15 good things ("good" as in, "we sang on the way to the church'" just really looking hard for the silver lining). But man, if I wrote all the bad things that happened, it would look really bad, and just give you a headache. Once again, details will be in the journal. Haha, but it was funny looking back because at 9:00 in the morning, I thought, “It can only get better the worst has passed." But no, I also said that at 11, 2, 4:30, 7, 7:30, and 10:30, haha, it just got worse and worse.

Everything was crazy until the baptism. They showed up 15 minutes before it started, but no one really came to support them, and the baptism went well. And I was happy for a second, because right when we were about to go home, a kid that always steals my Book of Mormon, my most prized possession, took it and didn't give it back, and then lost it. So that just made me lose it. So while we were walking back to the house (which was cluttered and full of mosquitoes), I lost it and cried. Luckily for me, Hermana Peck was also having the worst day of her life. We were both super homesick and like, depressed. Not sure why. But we both got to go thru it together. We also had a lot of things to do, because our mission leader said he would do it and bailed, and we had an English class that was WILD! Like so wild, that I don't want to ever have kids. SO BAD! And then we left the baptismal records at home when we needed them for the interviews, and then I could go on and on. At home though, we ate some of the chocolate cake that we made for the boys, and sang "God Bless America." Life was once again great. But yeah, that was the worst day of the mission. Enough of that.

The best thing is that our two wonderful boys were baptized. I love them so so so much; seriously. Heather should marry one of them, so they can be my family. :) haha.  IF they hadn't gotten baptized, the day would've been more terrible. I will for sure send pictures. But yeah, I am so blessed that we have been having so much success, because I don't know why I deserve it. God sure does love me!

The picture is of us and the boys, the one not in the white is J__, their member friend. We taught them all the time at his house. They are fantastic.  A__ is the one on the right, and C__ is on the left. We are doing this gangsta sign because they always make fun of me. They found out my facebook, and there is a picture of me and Isabelle, being gangsta, and they just think it is the funniest thing. So they always make fun of me for it. They are just jealous. They also know all of your names because of facebook. They are SUPER stalkers. Probably not as bad as you guys are, but still bad. They come up to me and are like, “Is your father's name Kyle?” AH! yes it is!

We have a lot of great things coming up this month. We should be having another baptism the 9th of November. E__. He was scheduled for the 14th of December, since he's a man and single and a contact, but he walks an hour to church and knows the Book of Mormon and will quote parts that we haven't read. Like the other day, he went on and was like, “It's crazy, because reading is a simple thing. But by small and simple things, great things happen" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT!?! so yeah. He's been prepared for this gospel. It's been a blessing to see him change. We found him just chilling on his porch, and we invited him to church, and he has yet to miss. We're so excited for him.

I find it interesting that the elders who left us this area had a lot of potential baptisms, but since we've been here, the only baptisms we've had have been ones that we have found and taught and baptized. Such a blessing.

Well fambam, that is my week in less than a hour. I miss you all and hope you are alright. I am doing fine. I am still stressed out for some reason, but it should go away today. That's what p- days are for! Keep being the greatest family ever! HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :) and happy birthday Grandma Erickson.

Well, peace and blessings. LOVE YOU LOTS!

Thanks for your emails, I really do love them. I could never thank you enough for your humor, dad. :)

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