Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#43 [La Venta - 3] Sept. 30th, 2013


I am on super early today. So I will just write to you about the week, although I don't have a whole lot to say... I forgot my notes at home in the middle of the rush of p-day.

This week went by fine. On Riss' birthday, I had a pretty bad stomach ache. It's not like anything I have had before. I don't know what it is. I still have it a bit, and I have no appetite, so I haven't been eating lots. I am alive, and it only hurts when I eat (possibly why I don't eat a lot). No need to worry, that was just one of the highlights of the week, I guess, haha.

We were supposed to have a baptism this weekend, and she was super excited, and then we all prayed about the date - either the 5th or the 12th, and we all got the 12th. Mainly because we don't have a font in our chapel thing, so she wouldn't have much support if she were to get baptized on conference, and she's all about that; oh well. I am sure excited about conference though. Sometimes baptisms are hectic, so it'll be nice to just enjoy it :) Her name is Y__, and she is 14.

We also have G__. She is 16 and knows English perfectly. I love her. We taught her about modesty one day, and the next day, she comes home, wearing a modest dress with cap sleeves, and she's like, "I thought of you guys when I bought this for my interview." She is rock solid. I am stoked for her baptism. Her parents, on the other hand, are not, and have yet to sign the papers. We've been praying and fasting for that to happen. :) She understands why we do things, and has a strong testimony about the gospel. It makes me so happy.

So there is this punk guy that always talks to us in the street. He only knows English. He's such a gangsta, and we've actually become very good friends. Which makes sense, since I am a gangsta :) haha. Anyways, we always talk about the church, and the other day, we gave him a Book of Mormon (that I had bought in the MTC forever ago) and invited him to pray about it, and he did!!!! He said that he felt super tranquillo and peaceful, and that he "wouldn't mind this tranquility all the time" haha he just makes me happy, and says "Man, I dunno" a lot, but in a gangsta voice, if you can imagine. He was deported from America to Haiti about 4 months ago, probably for drug dealing, let's be real. But we think he could turn his life around. If he weren't leaving to Haiti this week, I think we could really help him out. Maybe I will get a photo for you all.

Um.. that is all I can think about. We had sis splits the other day, and those were good. Nothing super great.

We're going to some ruins today, which is why we are on so early.

Also, I have no pictures. Oh!, just one. So Hermana Peck picked an ingrown hair, and it went CRAZY! like, super gross — to the point of it hurting to walk. I will send that picture, since it has been a highlight of this week. Haha oops, just kidding. The computer won't let me, sorry. Just imagine it being super gross, like a huge boil or zit on her knee. Super gross.

Last night, we had a frog in our house, we all freaked out pretty badly, and it eventually jumped out the door. After, I went into the room, and there was a giant spider right by our beds. The night had just begun, although it was 10:00. We spent about half an hour trying to murder that thing. We were screaming and smashing, but it was super fast and would hide under the bed. Such an adventure. We did not kill it. No, instead, we chopped off the legs with a pole, and with it’s remaining 4 legs, it scurried out the window into the unknown... ah... spiders are gross. The frog was just preparing us. haha

Now to answer your email ---

I did not know Krispen was prego!!! happy!!! Congrats to her and Jess.

I didn't get to see the broadcast live or at all. We were not allowed to. That makes... 4 years without seeing it. oops. Maybe I should get on that. maybe!

I am not in a ward, we are a branch off of the Villa Aura ward, and we're the La Venta Rama. So that's all, you stalker.

Thanks for the photos and the email. I am happy that Jake's finger isn't broken.

Have the greatest week ever. Just remember that the best blessing that you ever got, came this Saturday, 22 years ago. Just remember :) haha — Eat something delicious for me! We have nothing planned here, just conference, which is the greatest birthday gift ever :) I love this gospel. I hope you are all well and alive and happy and healthy.

Love you all to infinity and BEYOND! (al infinito y mas alla!- in Spanish. ) haha

ox ox ox
Hermana Erickson 1

Ps, sorry this is short, I won't forget the cheat sheet next week :)

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