Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#42 [La Venta - 2] Sept. 23rd, 2013


I am sorry about the fish. Good thing they are super cheap! Not like Mimisiku, who ate FIIISH for lunch, and they were the father’s prized possessions. That’s not good! haha

Too bad that BYU lost. But I could honestly not care less, so...

It still feels a lot like summer here. I think they only have one season... summer. They claim to have winter, but let’s be real, that is a joke! hahah

Yeah, Kelton mentioned in an email that he applied (to BYU.) His emails to me are pretty much the same as they were to his family in the mission–short and lacking much detail. haha

But I am happy to hear that the family is good. I miss you all a lot. I love you all. Now I will tell you about the mission life here in the DR.

Life is good. The mission is good. This week was good. Nothing really great happened. Ok, that is a little bit of a lie, but not too much. I will tell you all about my boring week. Gosh!

So on Monday night, a member gave us arroz con leche, and I was really worried. I remember the last time I had it... it was super gross! But this time, I really enjoyed it. We had to eat it really fast, and I would have liked to take my time and eat it, but whatever. I liked it. I got the recipe. I will have to make it when I return, because it was just that good.

So on Wednesday, we had a zone conference, and it was really good. I don’t remember a lot of what happened, but I remember something. Get excited, because I usually don’t share spiritual experiences in my emails! But here goes nothing...

So, the assistants had called me to play the piano and I agreed. But then I found another elder who played really well, and I thought it would be ok to have him play. So the morning of the conference, I talked to the assistants, and the elder was like, hermana, you are already on the list, we can’t change it. And so I started freaking out because I hadn’t practiced or anything! And I get sweaty when I play and people sing, you know. So I tried to beg and convince, and I was really nervous. And then Elder Chinchilla pulled out a scripture — 1 Nefi 17:50-51. When Nefi is talking about how the Lord has done so many things, why can’t He show Nefi how to build a ship? And then he applied that to me, and I told him that I didn’t want his scriptures, cuz I was being a stinker (me and him are super good friends, so I can do that and not be judged...)  and then he was like, "Hermana, was José Smith prepared when God called him?"... No... "Were there more prepared people that God could have called?"... Yes... and that made me think. I was still freaking out a bit, and then he just asked me to play the prelude and think about it, so I accepted, with full intent of not playing for the conference. But as I was practicing, I realized that God could really help me with something super small, and then I told them I would play, and I have not played as well as I did that day ever in the mission. It is such a dumb experience, but it really crecio my faith. It was neat. And then the rest of the conference went well. It was about obedience. I have notes, but I learned more from that conference even before it started. I love the gospel .)

This area is still great. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all so much. Sorry this is short. I also have nothing to say. Maybe next week will be more exciting. :)

Thank you for everything you do. I am so blessed to come from a beautiful family who raised me in the gospel. Thank you. I love you all!

Peace and love!

Hermana Erickson 1

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