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#41 [La Venta - 1] Sept. 16th, 2013


He actually sent me a picture of the house, and said that he hadn’t seen if you were home yet. Ah, happy moment. What a stud. You’re all studs, too :)

Anyways, HELLO!!!!

I am writing you from a nice internet place in a town called La Venta, in the area Las Caobas. I am still in the capital :) I love this area. I will tell you a little more about it in a few minutes, hold your horses. First, like always, I will talk about your happy letter.

CONGRATS TO MANDY for tying the knot!!!!! ...and to Michelle for getting out of the DMV. 

Oh, are Kama and Rusty still working on a temple marriage?

Josh, you look stylish in your magenta tie. I like your date. She’s pretty. Reminds me of myself, since I’m pretty... hahahahaha kidding. There is nothing pretty about being a greaser. Yeah, I have learned that. Except all of the Dominicans think I am super pretty. It’s a confidence booster for sure, especially when you’re a greaser. At least someone thinks I look good greasy ;) kidding.

To Jacob: Jakey, I totally remember that! but you just announced it to the world!!!! Goodness! hahah. I love you and can’t believe you are growing so tall!!! Maybe you’ll be taller than me when I get back!! Love you bud! Hope school is going well.

Ok, so now I will tell you about my week. I GOT TRANSFERRED!, but you already knew that. I am now in an AWESOME area, and I love my compa. We aren’t anything like me and Beesley, but we have a good time. Her name is Sarah Peck. She is from Logan. Do you remember Hermana Rupp? from the MTC? they are friends!!! Small world.

Branch meeting house
But yeah, we opened up the area for sisters. Apparently this area is "tranquillo," but we "shouldn’t walk the streets a night." I think it’s more dangerous than people tell us. But I am safe, nonetheless, and happy.

This area is like a mix between my last two areas, also my first two areas... It’s half campo like Azua, and kinda city like Independencia. I really love it.

The Elders were here before, and they got totally whitewashed. They were ticked! I can for sure see why, this place is paradise. The first day, the elders showed us around, and the people are so prepared and love the missionaries. They didn’t know sisters existed, but now they do, duh. But yeah, the people love us. I am surprised that there aren’t more members. But wow, this place is great, mainly because of the people. 

We have a few investigators, and they are all AMAZING! There is a family that is golden, who has been to church ever since they were introduced two weeks ago. They want to get married, and they want the gospel in their lives. I love them.

We have this 16 year old girl, Gloria, and she speaks fluently in English, and wears a chastity ring and talks about the gospel to everyone. She is prime; so prepared for the church; she is wonderful. The only thing about most of our investigators is their parents. The problem was that they didn’t like the elders going to their house to teach them, but now that we’re sisters, I think they will be members shortly. :)

It’s so fun here. Like, not really the house I live in, or the other herms, but the area, and the branch. We have a rock solid president who is ALL ABOUT HELPING US OUT. The branch has a Noche de Amistad, which is a FHE with friends and such, and they do those weekly. I love them for many reasons, one of which is that we are allowed to eat at FHE, so we get to eat Dominican food!

I don’t really know how to explain more, so I will just play this game called "Good news, Bad news."                                                
Good news: We have a mission leader who is bomb!
Bad news: He calls us every half hour and checks if we’re ok.

Good news: I’m learning to be more open to help from him.
Bad news: I’m also super stubborn and kinda a feminist... oops.

Good news: We have a beautiful house with a coconut tree, cherry tree, and a mango tree in the front.
Bad news: We’re moving... :(

Good news: I am senior companion.
Bad news: Pretty sure my comp knows more Spanish than I do...

Good news: I have been using my mosquito net every night.
Bad news: There are more mosquitoes inside my net than outside... and my legs look like they have acne... GROSS.

Good news: I don’t have dengue.
Bad news: I might get it because of all of the lumping mosquito bites.

Good news: This area is seriously like the city of Enoch.
Bad news: It'll probably be translated tomorrow!

Good news: We have an actual shower! NOT A BUCKET SHOWER
Bad news: I liked bucket showers.

Good news: We have two main streets that we work with, so it’s easy to not get lost.
Bad news: The streets face east/west, so there is never shade, and I just get fried.

Good news: We have a lot of people at church.
Bad news: They are mostly dry members who can't get baptized yet.

Good news: We're the only sisters in our zone.
Bad news: We're the only sisters in our zone.

Good news: I love this area.
Bad news: Yep... there is none! Me and Peck are just waiting for something bad to happen to this area, it’s too perfect.

But yeah, with more time, we’ll become more comfy in this new area of ours. I feel very blessed to be able to open it to the herms. I can see how the people and this branch were being prepared for a while for us.

OH! We have a Zone conference this Wednesday. Someone important is supposed to be coming, maybe it's Zwick? I can't remember, you know my memory :)

Also, there are a bunch of people that just come to church, and we get references like crazy. For example, we had 15 investigators at church, and then have gotten 5 references since Thursday. The branch here is all about missionary work. Also, we have this cute lady who is a young mother that really wants to do our laundry, man, this place is too good. I must’ve done something right in my life to get this. Really, I can’t even tell you. I have just had the easiest mission so far, which is bad, because I am sure I need something bad to happen. Just don’t do anything stupid, ok family? Don’t want a death in the family being my mission trial! But seriously, just be careful :)

A couple of people that have seen the family pic think that dad is a movie star... again. Don't let it get to your head, dad. But maybe you should look into that, pa. Little House on the Prairie 2! It could be a huge hit!

So they have seminary here at 6 in the morning. They have had a lot of kids show up. Most of them are not members. We went this morning. We ran there to exercise and stayed there. The teacher must be some former Baptist, because she shouts and really gets into the gospel. AMEN! Hallelujah! But it’s cool to see her ask a question and then have 7 hands fly up in the air. This place has a lot going for them. It’ll be hard to leave. But yeah!

For my nine months, we really did nothing. I think we made muffins and enchiladas, but nothing spectacular, which is fine. It's unreal that I am old in the mission. I still remember when I left. You were all crying!

Anyways, I should go. I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all demasiado. I love my mission. I feel so happy and good all the time. I love it.

I don’t really know what I would need. Sometimes I crave fruity candy like NOW and LATER’s and Starburst’s and such. I also don’t have an umbrella. Mine broke like, 7 months ago. I don’t think I need one though. If so, I'll buy it here. But I would also love more music. Just the EFY CD from when I was a counselor. I actually have a list of things, but I don’t think they are necessary. I am doing well. 

I love you all and am so grateful that I have this gospel. I love you!

Peace and Blessings, Fam!

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