Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#46 [La Venta - 6] Oct. 21st, 2013


I loved the photos!! You all look so great. Jake is getting tall!!! Unless he photo adds height.

Also, the nose twitch is super common. I picked it up in Azua. It just means, "what?" and it is super convenient :) I will for sure use it when I get home, probably just out of habit :)

But sounds like you have had a great week, and that everyone is alive and just missing me so much. I can't blame you all. It has almost been a year; which is super crazy. I guess I still have 2 months before a year, but seeing how fast October has flown, I think it will also fly by.

This week was probably one of the best ones on the mission so far. And looking back, there shouldn't be any reason for it to have been so great. We didn't get much free stuff, we didn't have much success, and nothing super funny happened. But it was so fantastic. Actually, it started out great. On Monday. I went in to a member's salon, and as I was sitting in the chair, her mom just came and chopped off a few inches of my hair. Poor hair. It is still long, but... man, that was tough. I really want it to get passed my mole on my arm. It never seems to grow. But yeah, in the end, it was probably needed. I don't think I have cut it for about a year. ANYWAYS.

I have such a deep love for my investigators. We have so many that are progressing so fast, and we are super excited. I can't even really describe it. But wow, I love this country and the people and this rama (branch).

So let me tell you about some of my people. E__, I can't remember if I have mentioned him before. We met him 4 weeks ago, just contacting. We went to the furthest part of our area. It's tough, because he lives SO CLOSE to us, but there is a gate that doesn't open, so we have to walk an hour away to get to him. He's 45, and has a few tattoos, but that doesn't mean anything. So we saw him, and I told Herm Peck that we should offer to teach him and so we did. He hasn't missed a Sunday of church. We had a stake conference yesterday, and it was 30 minutes away from our house, and 1.5 hours from his. He came, sweaty and all. We're super excited for him. The only problem is that he drinks iced tea, but so do the members. It's ok here, and so... but yeah. E__ is fantastic. He should be getting baptized this next month. Every time we go, he like, quotes the Book of Mormon, where he hasn't read yet. He tells us all the time that he has been prepared for this, and that everyone in the world needs the Book of Mormon. Smart guy. I love him. We have the worst days, and then have one lesson with him, and the day is all of the sudden great. What a guy.

We also have 2 young boys. C__ and A__. They are 14 and 13. They have a friend, J__, who is 13. They are the greatest. It's crazy, because sometimes we think that they don't really care about the gospel, because, come on, what 14 year old boy would care about his salvation?! But then we remember that Joseph Smith was 14... and yeah. They are so awesome. I love them. We can have a super spiritual lesson, and then just joke off. When they found out that we could get transferred, their eyes got teary. Precious. But yeah, we're stoked for them. They also walked to conference yesterday. In their white shirts and 15 minutes early. Oh also, they are getting baptized on Saturday :) :) :) :) :) :)

Y__ is doing great. The rama went to the temple on Wednesday. She went and loved it. Man, this rama is fantastic. They are missionaries. On Saturday, me and Peck usually have our English class. But we get to the church, and I realize that I had forgotten the keys! Man. But we ran into some youth that have 2 months in the church, and they were like, "are you coming to the service project?" so we did. We went and scraped paint and then painted for a recent convert who has 75 years of age. They were all men, and kept telling us we had delicate hands, but we helped, and it was great. They are so funny. I love the Dominican people. And the culture. I love it here!!!!! The people in our rama just have a huge love for the church. They would do anything, drop whatever, just to help a member of the rama. I love it.

Yesterday, me and my comp were talking about how great this week was, and it was weird, because all we were talking about were our investigators and their progress. We didn't talk about what we did, we talked about what they did!, and I felt like a legit missionary, putting them, first. I have been trying to do that, but it's hard. We also realized that we didn't even have the same excitement for P-day that we usually do. We also didn't get mail this week. I dunno, it's been the best week, and nothing happened to us. It all happened to our investigators.

Sorry if reading about them is boring. I just love them!!!!!!!

I was super worried about transfers this time. I have grown pretty attached to this place, even though it is super hot and I just sweat. But I guess that is the country. But I didn't want to leave! I usually am ready to leave after the first transfer, but not this time. I have had a lot of fun here, and just love everyone. So the call came, and turns out that we are all staying here. THANK GOODNESS! :) Such a relief.

But yeah, my week was really good. I just love being a missionary. We are working super hard, and having success. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf, and thank you for your support. I miss you all everyday, but each day more, I love the people. I'm not saying that you are being replaced, but I am saying that I can see why missionaries are sad to come home. :) Good thing I still have a while here to enjoy.

Um – I think that is all. I hope you all had a great week, and that you are safe and healthy. I love you all more than... more than Riss does! hahahahah kidding. But yay!!! Have a good one! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Erickson #1

ps. I ate an avocado right before sending this, and I have good news: I HATED IT! It was gross. I don't think I will be eating it again. :) Also, I miss real milk SO badly! All we drink is the powder stuff. That is one thing I am looking forward to a lot!

But sorry this is late, the power went out at the internet place, so we left and now we came back to finish up. But wow. I love you all!!! One more thought. I think it is so interesting seeing the progress of missionary work. Seeing the huge emphasis on the MEMBER MISSIONARY. It's not a suggestion. It's a commandment. I have seen the importance of members and their references. This area is all about it, and it has helped us out so much. I encourage you all to think about your friends and share the gospel. It is so easy. I know I am a missionary so it's easy to say, but really. You can do it. It's God's work, you cannot fail if you are on His team. Best of luck. I want to hear updates. I challenge you to share the gospel. Way to go, Jake for inviting your teacher to the thing on Sunday. :)

peace and love :)​

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