Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#45 [La Venta - 5] Oct. 14th, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I love you!!!! Are you going to get a birthday badge? :) (I still remember Josh getting one when it wasn't his birthday. “Can I get a birthday badge?” - “Is it your birthday? ”...... “No.” — hahahaha, oh Hogarth.)

Also thanks for the update of Disneyland. I tried telling my comp, but she has never been. So deprived. :( But, I felt like I was there, it was fun!!! I loved getting soaked and all of that fun stuff!!!!

Yes, I did get your package, and the letters. Thank you for the package. I loved it, thank you for everything. I am trying to not eat all of the candy. I am happy you sent me granola bars - I was craving those a while ago :) I love the skirt and belt and shirt. I might never wear the shirt here, since it's a longer sleeved one, but I like it. The skirt is a little short - it doesn’t cover any part of my knee, but... I am wearing it :)

I have a few pictures that can really describe my week. Remember my black shoes? They finally died. I have worn them 90% of the time, and for not being walking shoes, they did alright! They blew out as we were walking, but luckily, I had my clear tape, because we were going to decorate a door for a member's birthday. So that was lucky. Then, I taped them to hold, but that didn't last. At night, it rained, and they fell apart. See pictures.

This morning, I spent 3 hours cleaning the kitchen. It looks super good. I love cleaning. It also helped that it was raining. But we jammed out to the EFY music. Thanks for the 2012 stuff, too; that's the ticket! :) hahah

On Saturday, (me 10 month marker!) we had a baptism! It was actually ours. The elders found her, but we were the ones that taught her. She's 14 and her name is Y__. G__ couldn't get baptized. Her dad said NO. But she can still come to church and have us visit. Darn, I hope she can get permission soon. I have not ever fasted and prayed as much as I have for her. I guess it just goes to show that God doesn't care. FALSE! APOSTASY! I am going to get struck down. NO, not true. He's just into trying our faith and such. I have learned a lot here on the mission. I really love being a missionary, even though I hate being called a sister missionary because it sounds lame and wimpy.

ANYWAYS, the baptism went well. We should have 2 more, not this week (stake conf., no baptisms) but the next, if we don't get transferred. The people here are just ready. It's cool. Also, we had interviews with the president and he talked all about Azua, and how it should be a stake before I leave. But Azua has grown so much. He'd tell me about people that I found and taught getting baptized. Super nice. MY SEEDS ARE GROWING! :)

Um... this week was long. I got mail almost everyday, so that was super nice.

I have talked to Jeff a lot (they were able to Email back and forth on Mon.), and I miss him. And I miss everyone, yep, that is all. I hope you are having fun in the happiest place on earth, that you don't make us go poor, and that you are safe.

I am good here, the investigators are good. We have some really good ones. I don't know if you all really care about hearing about them, because when I would read people's Emails, I would usually skip over those parts.... :) just pray for them to find jobs. :)

I found a book in our room called "Thai for missionaries" I might look into that :) hahahah, but really. I have read it a few times, it's tough. Can you say TRILINGUAL!? I can't, I doubt it will happen.

I am better at the hymns. I can play about any one that they ask (not well, but I can do it. I try) :)

Anyways, that is all. I hope you are all alright. I love you more everyday. I think I have the best family, and it is confirmed every time I think it. It's a knowledge. The best family for ME!

Thanks for the support and the love and the nice things you send to me in packages. I really enjoyed it :) I can't wait to eat the cake :) hopefully it works out well. :)

Well, peace and blessings. Keep reading your scriptures and praying! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! GO SHARE IT!

Love forever, Hermana Erickson 1

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