Monday, November 4, 2013

#48 [La Venta - 8] Nov. 4th, 2013

Wow, so many people getting married. In reality, the fact that people are getting married is a miracle. Marriage is such a great thing. I wish there were more married people here. It's sad to see so many families broken up because of bad decisions and choosing to not get married. But yeah, CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE AT HOME FOR GETTING MARRIED!! :)

Sounds like you all had a good week. That's good news.

Speaking of pictures, here are our Halloween costumes! We were elders!!! :)

We thought we were so clever, and kind of nervous to go out to be made fun of, but wow, we got more compliments on how cute our outfits were, than ever before! Imagine that! Dominican people like girls in ties! :) I do too, but.. yeah. It was just funny. They still talk about it. No one even thought it was funny, not even the members. It was a sad Halloween, but whatever.

The other pictures is us in running poses, kinda. At 7:30 at night, which is quite dark, we were late for choir, which started at 7. And we were 40 minutes away - in the Tierra Llana place, so... we decided to run. So we ran with our bags and our skirts and bad shoes, and got there in 15 minutes. But we ran along the highway, with cars racing passed us, and we arrived just in time to practice a few songs. They assume that since I am the pianist, that I am also the director, and that's just not true. 
The last pictures are from the service on Saturday. It was a good day. Well, at least the morning. We cleaned up trash off the streets. And it looked nice for about 2 hours. Then it was just as dirty as it was before. The people litter here so much, and it's sad. "This is everyone's world—please keep it clean" - Eve said that :) (Shine bright-0 be a star!)


The other night, we ate hobo dinners for lunch, and it reminded me of home and Jake. Which reminded me that he sure never writes me. WHY NOT!?

Also, we are reminded about everyday about how dangerous our area is. Like, we never feel in danger, but people come up to us and are like, "are you guys here at night? cuz I wouldn't be... I have been mugged here about 3 times.." and just crazy stuff like that. People tell us not to be out past 5... but... I feel super protected here. It's just interesting. :) but don't worry, mom :)

So last night, we had a huge cockroach in the house, in our room. It seems like the only place that bugs go is in our room. It's gross. But I was in charge of the raid, and I had a heroic moment. The others all ran out after it ran under the bed, and I was left in there. We had all screamed a lot, just because of the excitement and such, and while they were out, the roach came out, and without saying anything, I sprayed it, and it was soon on its back. I was a hero. It was a good night to be me :) hahahaha

Um yeah. That is my week. The investigator pool is getting shallow - that is the problem with baptizing everyone! Darn this success. :) haha kidding! We just have to find more people to teach. There are so many people here that are prepared. I am super lucky to be here.

Well, this gospel is so great. I am so lucky to be a part of it. I love the mission and I am having so many good times and learning lots. Keep being a great family. I love you more than you can imagine. I say that lots, but my love just grows and grows. Thank you for your support and such! peace and love!

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