Monday, November 11, 2013

#49 [La Venta - 9] Nov. 11th, 2013

Well, it appears that I am on before anyone else, so I have nothing to respond to, just stuff to tell you about this week.

I am happy to announce that this week has been good. It's about time :) hah, no. It's been a fun week and it flew by! I can't believe that it's already Monday. But yay!

So some happenings this week include:
- I finished the New Testament in Spanish. That was exciting. I started it in Azua, and stopped soon after because I was BORED. So I started where I left off (in Romans) at the beginning of the transfer, and just finished.

- We run to seminary every so often, and A__ and C__ were both there! Man, they are studs. Heather should really marry one of them. :) haha

- We tried a breakfast casserole the other day. I couldn't remember how to do it, so we just used bread, eggs, milk, sausage, and seasonings. It wasn't bad, but it made me wish I was eating the good stuff, haha.

- We're teaching a recent convert some of the retention lessons in English, and man! it is SO HARD! I feel like I can't teach worth anything. It's weird, cuz I talk to the herms all the time in English, but when it comes to praying or teaching, I sound like a 2 year old...

- Kelton and his family sent me a nice package. Inside, was a lot of food (nutella, crackers, easy cheese, jerky, twix, and other stuff) and then he sent me a SUPER nice toothbrush. I think it is called a Phillips Sonicare. I am guessing it was expensive... but yeah. My teeth feel great all the times. Really. It's nice.

- Um... every day here, I just hate dogs more and more. The other day, we were walking along the freeway, and there was a dead dog right next to us. It was recently killed, and I was so grossed out that I couldn't take a picture of it. Okay, I would've, but Peck was totally judging me for even thinking about it. But it's head was like, cracked open and it's mouth was open and its tongue was out and he had all sorts of bodily wounds. Man, so gross. Anyways, I HATE dogs.

- We should be having a baptism this weekend. E__. HE’S FINALLY GETTING BAPTIZED! (not to be confused with Aladdin – "she's finally getting married"- a party in Agrabah!) We are stoked for him. Nothing to say about him, except that he is a chosen vessel (hahahaha, I just used that naturally... the mission really changes people) and a golden investigator – soon to be a golden member.

- We are looking for new investigators. And the members are helping us out with that. I am just falling more and more in love with the people here. It'll be a sad day when transfers come. Peck is positive that she will stay, and I feel that I will leave. (ya know, just preparing myself just in case, defense mechanism). But I would love to stay.

- And that's about it. Nothing really happened this week that I can remember.

That's all. Life is good. I am happy. I love you all and hope you are all well. I didn't take many pictures this week, but for sure I will have some next week (my 11 month one! and baptism) but yeah, I hope you are well. I am sorry that I got on early and wasn't able to reply to your email. But I love you all to infinity and beyond, and I hope you have a fantastic Veteran's day! Be safe and happy!

Love Forever,

Hermana Erickson

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