Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#73 [Sabana Yegua - 9] Apr. 28th, 2014

Hello!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) Just so you all know.

Well, I am glad that my family is doing so great.

Ok, here is my short letter. No worries, I am fine, just busy :)

Ok, so the conference we had this week was great. I didn't share my testimony because it was a DESPEDIDA for our pres and his wife. They announced that they would be leaving this week, instead of in June, so I was originally worried cuz the transfer that I planned to come home on was made up for their departure, and I thought that maybe it was going to be changed, but no, still a transfer June 18th, so no worries. But yeah, I didn't give my testimony, and I may not, cuz I don't think we'll have another conference.

I got to see my bestie, Hermana B__, and that was a SWEET reunion. I just love her so much and miss her. We're like, bffs. I talked to her and it was GREAT – nuff said.

I got my travel plans.... that was weird. Still is. I just don't think about it. Turns out that my comp is more trunky than I am. Mainly cuz her bro comes home next week, and all she thinks about is that. Rough. Not me though, thank goodness!

We have been contacting this whole week, looking for golden investigators, and found some great people. Also, S__, the girl we have been teaching for a while came to church and brought her friend. They are both great. I love them. Their families are great, too. I am stoked to see them get baptized. :)

I finished Jesus the Christ. Good book.

Um... we have a complete creep guy that we have a "you-come-to-church-we-teach-you-once-that-week" policy. He didn't come to church! I feel bad saying that I am happy that he didn't come, haha.

But yeah, my week was short, and great. Nothing really exciting happened.

Actually, here are the pics.

The food is what we ate. Looks like poop... hehe.

And this is MY beautiful area. Riss always sends pics of her area, so I thought I would make you all jealous by sending you what I see daily :) enjoy :) haha. I can't include pics of naked children, that could get me arrested, haha.

Well, I think that is all. I love you lots. Can't wait to talk to you in a few weeks. Keep doing FHE and your scripture study and such! They are so important. I know the church is TRUE! and that our family is foreva! Yay for the gospel! Go share it and find references for the missionaries!!!

Peace and lots of love :)

Herm Erickson :)


Rachel will return home on June 18th. She arrives at the SLC International airport around 4:15 PM. (It is definitely a bitter/sweet upcoming event.)

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