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#65 [Sabana Yegua - 1] Mar. 3rd, 2014

Hello Family!

Her La Venta Rama family
Head!! Congrats on your Patriarchal Blessing!!! How great is that?! I am glad to hear that all went well with that. :) What a nice time.

Way to go to China, Jeff!!!! How exciting!!!! :) I'll miss you, but what's 6 more weeks?

So after transfer night last week, they had a party for me, and it was so super nice. A lot of the people cried. I think I will be missed, a little. I got Antonio to bawl like a kid, so I know he loves me, and Elvis just tried to pull jokes. What a crazy man. I will miss La Venta so much. I have grown to love them like family. They seriously became my family.

When we had interviews the other day with president he mentioned to me about Azua possibly becoming a stake before May, and he just told me all about it. It was fun to hear about. I miss Azua. But anyways, I had been thinking about that place a lot. And I was excited to see what transfers would bring, although going back to a previous area is pretty uncommon, but I had hope. :) I also found out that herm Peck was going to leave her area after one transfer, and we chatted a bit about it.

Monday night, at the party, we got the phone call. The phone call telling us where we'd be off to. People were at the pulpit talking great things about me, and so I stayed and listened, and they came back and told me the news. They said I would be comps with Hermana Safeer- Hermana Peck's daughter, and that I would be headed to Sabana Yegua! Which, as you probably don't know, is in Azua's zone. So right now, I am in the EXACT SAME internet place as I was in one year ago. It's super weird to be back. Already, so many things have changed. Like, one of our favorite restaurants has been taken over and now they sell shoes... that's weird. But yeah!!! I am in the same zone as Adabertino and Carlos and Tomas and Kendri and all of them!!! I am so stoked. :) Leaving La Venta was tough, but knowing I was coming "home" made it much easier to leave. :)

OH! so at the La Venta party, I got a few gifts. One more thing about that night. The same lady who gave me panties also quoted something about me, which made me laugh. She said, "to know her was to love her!" TRUE STORY! I felt proud, dad. :) The pres of the rama also said the rama loves you and they are really grateful to you guys for raising such a great, beautiful, amazing, hard-working, funny, awesome, witty, nice, cute, and genuine girl. Ok, they might've not of said all of that, but that's what they MEANT to say. They did say they love you, though :)
Former comps together again - bus ride to new area

Oh, speaking of hermana Peck, we met up at the bus stop, going south, and I asked her where she was off to, and she said, "Sabana Yegua." So yes, we are living together again. She has a Dominican comp, and she's great. It is actually the first time in the entire mission living with a Latina, which is crazy, cuz I have a few month under my belt. I would've thought that I'd live with Latinas the whole time, but this is nice. So for once, I speak Spanish more; mainly in the house. I am not used to it, and so I catch myself a lot speaking English, but whatever. Still haven't had a Latina comp. I think I might have one more comp, so she could be Latina!!! Maybe...

We met a man this past week who just barely went to Utah... he has family living there, and they live in Orem... small world. So when I baptize them, we can go to their niece's house. She lives behind UVU, weird. He showed us pics of the temple, and that was cool. Small world, eh?

I finished the BOM in Spanish again. That was nice. I am almost done with journal #5 as well, :) fun stuff. Lots of memories happening in the DR.

Man, that is pretty much my week. Right now, we are mainly teaching children. We have 5 investigators with a fecha, and they are all under the age of 12.

Um... being back in Azua feels great. We don't really have running water and I take bucket showers again and it's hot, so my awesome tan lines are returning. I love it here. I have missed the South so much. I love the campo also. We don't have rats here, so that is a bonus. We may have giant spiders, but no rats, or small ants.

Well, I think that is about all. Life is good here. I don't think I will get trunky here, cuz I feel like I haven't left here, and it's been over a year. It's weird, but in my head, I am not going home anytime soon. I have my whole mission in front of me, and it's exciting. I can't believe that Riss is going to hit a year this month. That is insane. I remember when she left. I remember when I left! That wasn't too long ago. I have learned a whole lot, and I have met so many great people. I feel like I have changed a lot, and even my desires have changed. I truly believe that God has shaped me into more of the person that He wants me to be.

I am stoked for this transfer, Hermana Safeer is great. She's super funny and chill and easy to get along with. I like her. She is from Farmington, I think. Also, she's tall; like over 6 feet tall. I like her. We'll have a great time.

I love you all so super a lot and I think about you and pray for you all daily. I am excited for your daylight savings time, cuz I seriously feel closer to you guys when we're only 2 hours apart. :) I hope you have a great, fun week and that you have a fun FHE tonight and tell everyone I love them and make sure to give lots of hugs. :)

Well, peace and blessings. :) Thanks for all that you do! I am who I am because of who I was raised by! :)


Much love, Hermana Erickson 1

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