Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#66 [Sabana Yegua - 2] Mar. 10th, 2014

Hello my fambam!!! I love you all!!!

It sounds like you had a fun week, and I am happy that the water heater is... fixed or whatever. :) cool.
Sad about all of the deaths. But the great thing is, is that it's only temporal. What great news. I love the gospel. :) it’s  just so true.

Thanks, for the 100 days left wish. I was wondering if you would mention it. I don't have a countdown, cuz that is super foolish. And so far, I haven't felt trunky. I feel like I won't be  a trunky dying missionary. I am going to focus and just work hard and die hard as they say :)
Have fun tubing! Enjoy the cold weather. I am getting tanner again, so it looks like I'll come home looking like a complete sun-tanned babe. Well... at least on my arms and below my knees. hahah
The other day, a couple people got in an argument about if I was Peruvian or Mexican. I don’t know if it was due to my super dark skin or my Spanish skills. I am going to say the Spanish, cuz I am not THAT dark, yet :) It was quite the compliment, especially cuz I don’t practice it super a lot, sadly.
So we got robbed the other day :) We have bomba, which is the device that takes the water from the ground and puts it up into our storage so that we can have running water. So once again, we are without running water. Also, we got robbed in the night, and the guy must’ve jumped the wall. It’s super easy to jump. I am actually shocked that we are living in this house, cuz there is like, no security. 4 girls living in a delinquent town, maybe not the best idea. Good thing we have God on our side, right? But yeah, that was exciting :)

We're going to the temple next Tuesday, and I am stoked. It will be the last time I go on the mission, at least before I leave (we get to go on our last day here) and I will take the names. Also, the other girls I live with will take the other names. I asked them and they said YES :)

Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday!!!!!!! and Happy birthday to MISHKA on Saturday!!! :) and also, happy 1 year on the mission to my sister RISS!!! on Wednesday :) I love you all :) pero, so much :)

We have a zone conference this Thursday. We usually don't have the conference and the temple in the same transfer, but that's cool. I am excited. :) This will also be my last I believe. It's weird that I am considered one of the OLD HERMANAS. Weird concept.
So... guess what I am doing today?!?! :) I am going to visit my converts in AZUA! :) I am beyond thrilled. I am going to see K__, A__, T__, and C__, and whoever else wants to see me :) I am stoked; :) beyond words. I am worried it will be a little odd, cuz I have never talked to them about anything but the gospel. But I am going to try to convince K__ to go on a mission. Wish me luck!!! :) I think I can convince him. :) So that’s news in my life :)
We have an area in Sabana Yegua that is like, 1 hour away walking, and it’s a long stretch of dirt road. The other Saturday, we walked there. It’s the 12, yeah; so every Saturday, we're gonna go the 12. We got a lot of guys trying to give us rides on their motors, but we refused. After contacting and getting like, no success, we started walking back. A huge tractor passed us, and we joked about how funny it would be to get a ride on that. Then, when it was like, 200 meters in front of us, we noticed it backing up! We got excited, and then they gave us a ride! I was SKETCHY! Whoa, there were two young men, and one of them took off his flannel shirt and put it over a plank of wood over the engine of the tractor, and we sat down and held on for dear life. We got there safe and sound, and we were driving like, 5 miles and hour, and it was very bumpy. I loved it though. Tractor rides are fun. :) It was a once-in-a-mission-experience :)

Dad, good luck on your talk. I wish I could be there to hear it.

Um... we have a few investigators, we're looking for some that are older than 10. :/
I got Jake's dear elder and I have a letter for him ready to be sent off, so be on the lookout for that. :)
Life is good here, I miss you all. I am working hard and loving every day. We have a some really great people here, and the rama is nice. I am grateful to be a missionary. I am happy that Grant is able to go back out. Thanks for the update about the house and the people living within. It's nice to hear that everything is normal. :)
Well, I am off to visit my converts! :) I will take lots of pictures and send them next week :) I love you all. Thanks for supporting me and loving me and missing me! :)
-Your favorite daughter, Rachel (accept it.)
aka, Hermana Erickson #1
OR - if not daughter, favorite sister :)

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