Monday, February 24, 2014

#64 [La Venta - 24] Feb. 24th, 2014

Thanks for the update!! It's cool that Riss has such a cool assignment!! How fun. :) I hope she does well.

Interesting you mentioned the skeleton, I was talking to some elders about how mom wanted me to do that, and I had the desire to do it. Maybe I'll try it when I get back. Snow sounds nice :)

Also, Jeff told me that he had planned a rafting trip in June, and he'd be gone when I was home, so if he's in China or on the river, it don't matter. I won't see him for a long time either way :( My pal...

Well, I don't feel like writing much, so I will probably keep this short.

This week was good. We cleaned and cleaned all Monday, all of our free time Tuesday, and on Wednesday, we had our cleaning checks. We caulked, painted, and scrubbed. I had dreams about cleaning. We cleaned our rats poop and soap scum and even pond scum out of places that have probably never been touched. We seriously went all out. We even borrowed paintings and art from members to spice up our house haha. And it was all done in a spirit of competition, and a desire for a clean house. But let's be real— if it weren't for he competition, we would’ve passed the broom about and called it good.

But in the end, we WON! :) we beat the elders 98% to 96%. They brought us cookies today. The victory was sweeter then the cookies. Oh yes, :) we made the hermana cry when she left our house. It may have been the musical number we performed for her (brown-nosing? I think not); we claim it to be the house. She took pictures and said they were going to print them out and take them up to the pres. So... we're famous.

That was exciting, but the week got more exciting. Ever since Tuesday night, I haven't slept well. Like, I've been super cold, tossing and turning, miserable—no sleep, which results in no energy for the day. :( This happened all up until Saturday, but those days leading up to Saturday were miserable. I had no appetite, and I wasn't hungry, and I just slept during lunches and didn't really sleep. I had Inception dreams. Dreams within dreams. One time, Jeff and my feet were in a dream within a dream within a dream together. It was funny, but awful. Point of the story, no sleep. :)

I was stoked for Saturday, cuz on Friday night, I took sleeping pills. They did absolutely nothing, sadly. I woke up on Saturday and decided to go back to sleep. I ended up sleeping until 10 on accident, but I came out, and looked awful. I told the other hermanas, and they were like, "All of those symptoms are dengue symptoms." Dengue
I was super weak, my head hurt, my eyes hurt, I had a fever, I was way dizzy (had been since Tuesday), no appetite, and this weird rash that’s all over my body. (see pics, those are from yesterday, which were better than before) I felt so exhausted, so I went back to sleep. I woke up and expected it to be about lunch time, but it was 5!!!!! Man, I slept the day away!!!—which was nice. It was bad, cuz we also had a baptism at 5. Since I felt quite better, but still looked like a greaser, we went to the baptism. That's why I look AWFUL in the pics at the baptism, :( oh well. The baptism was nice, it was long (because the Branch pres. had to get a signature of approval from a parent), but nice. In the end, he was baptized by recent convert, and it was precious. :)

Sunday, I stayed home from church to try to sleep. All I have eaten since Friday night has been a sandwich the size of my fist and 5 oreo bombs, and some Gatorade. I'll eat more sometime. :) the rama missed me a lot at church. They announced my sickness over the pulpit, and food was brought. The sacrament was brought (I was in bed and didn't get it), and visitors passed by. I am going to miss this rama :( so much.

Sadly, I don't have much energy to pass by people and say bye, so I might have to forgo that.

Rash from dengue fever (a mosquito finally got her)

We had a lesson from ___ the other day. That went well. I looked like walking death, but they didn't mind.

Well, that's all. Sorry about this lame email. I feel better, but I should be better in a few days for sure. I love you all. Too bad the USA lost the Olympics. We never lose; darn. On the bright side, we won the cleaning check, :) yahoo. :)

Well, peace and love. Have a great week, fambam! Thanks for your love and support! :)

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