Monday, February 3, 2014

#61 [La Venta - 21] Feb. 3rd, 2014

HELLO!!! :) FROM THE DR! I love this country so much. It is so great.

This week was not super hot in any way. It rained a few times, and I even felt cold a few times!!! It was probably 75 degrees, but I used my jackets and drank hot chocolate :) brrr. I think I will die at home - even in the summer!

But CONGRATS on the temple names!!! That is so great!!! If you want to tell me a few of them, I could do some here, with the converts!! That would be cool. I have looked for a few every once in a while here, but have had no luck. I am proud of you for helping with the work of salvation :)

So the RS pres. asked me to teach RS next week. I am pretty excited. It will be my biggest responsibility in RS since I was the RS DECORATOR!! :) This is a big step up! :) hahahah... what a.... calling. :/

On Saturday, we painted a house. We do a service every once in a while, and it always ends up being painting. People just paint their houses so much!!! I’m pretty much a pro at it, in case you were wondering. :) That is the pic I sent.

I might buy scripture cases, I have been wanting to for a bit, but I might actually do it. I will probably also buy a machete. :) or two. I just really like them.

Um... this week has been long!! Nothing has really happened! :/ We've had a lot of lessons with recent converts and we're trying to get them to work more with the missionary work. The branch pres. expects a lot from them. I am kind of surprised that we still have members. It's amazing what the people do here. :)

We have a baptism in a few weeks, she is a 14 year old girl, and she's great. I really like her. I am kinda worried about her, but I have faith that she'll be fine. I like her. E__ is her name.

M__ is doing well. I love her. We had a "tarde de helado" or an ice cream afternoon, with a member, and that went well. I think she'll get baptized soon. She still has to fix her temporal needs.

Hermana Olsen writes home about our investigators and the ward members, so if you want the lo down with them, you can read her blog – sisterkaitlinolsen, I believe. She is also sending my link to her mom, so ... :)

Some more news about my life is that we once again have mice, so that's too bad. I have a whole month of showering, so that's good. My piano skills are actually getting better-hymn wise, so that's also good. We are healthy here, and that's good. :)

Yep, that was my week. We are looking for more people to teach and just loving paradise. I love being a missionary; it is so rewarding. Sometimes, the days are terrible, but then we get home, exhausted, and feel like it was a great day. Like, the other day, we had no lessons. They all fell through, and it was super rough. But we had the thought to go Y__'s house. She's a member and her hubby is not. She doesn't have her endowment, but we talked about it, and she said that she randomly thought about it earlier, and that she's been feeling empty and not strong, and we talked to her and she cried and now wants to get her endowment. :) It was super spiritual. God works through us, and it's so fun to see that. It's really humbling. :)

Oh, today is a slow p-day, as in we have nothing to do. So I laid in bed and listened to Saturday's warrior. Reminds me of mom and dad's wedding video, and the family. I love that movie. It'll probably be one of the first movies I watch. :) haha

Anyways, sorry for this lame letter. I seem to be sending lame letters lately. I apologize. life is just... sometimes blah, oh well. I love you all and hope you are well and happy and healthy and doing well in school and life and work!!!! Be happy and remember, I LOVE YOU!...yes, I was quoting Barney!!! :) YAY!!

Peace and blessings,

Hermana Erickson #1

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