Monday, January 27, 2014

#60 [La Venta - 20] Jan. 27th, 2014


Thanks for the letter. Sounds like the family is doing well. I am glad that you got my letters, and that S__ got her letter :) I spent a lot of time writing that, so I hope she likes it and doesn’t hate me too bad :) hahah so funny.

Congrats on winning money!!:! ) That's always good. :) Well, that is about all of your letter, on to ME~! :)

First off, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I got it!!! Finally!!! I feel like Christmas is over officially now. :) Thank you for all of the candy! goodness!! I tell you that I am gaining weight on the mission, and you decide to send me candy to help me feel better about it!!! hahah good one. The other herms were laughing pretty hard when 95% of the box contained edible stuff, :) but I don't mind, neither does my stomach. I told myself that I would exercise at nights....... we'll see :) But like I said, thanks. I appreciate it. And so does my sweet tooth :) And thanks for the vitamins and pills. I feel healthy now. :) The package was pretty much perfect it just was missing the only thing I really wanted which was pictures, but that is ok, maybe it's for the best. I have come to the realization that I will probably never get any. Oh well :)

So my update on the New years resolutions: I am still 100%%%%% !!! :) I don't think I have showered this many times in a row.... probably my whole life. So that's good !!!! :) that means I have taken 27 showers this month!!!!! :) Crazy; I feel great, I really like it. And to help me be able to do the splits (another resolution), I do yoga every morning. Herm Peck taught me, and I am trying to do some things. :)

As for this week, it was... uneventful. It is not that nothing exciting happened, It's just that nothing happened, at all!!! I will tell you some highlights :)

•    Actually a lo-light... M__ might move! MOM, could you paste the part that I sent you in our little messages? I don't wanna write it again — but man... she might move. Her duena (landlady?) is making her move if she doesn’t find 6000 pesos, and it's looking bleak. It's sad. So right now, we're praying for the duena to have a change of heart, or for money to fall from the sky. Tomorrow we will find out if she stays or leaves. :( I would be really sad if she moved. Also, I taught her the ILU hand sign, and she loves it. I will get a pic of her doing it :) so cute. But yeah... we'll find out soon. Her hubby seems to be softening, but it's a stressful situation right now. Time will tell :/ — But we're praying for her. I love her so much. She loves church and everything is just perfect, except she might leave :(

•    So this lady was getting caterpillars our of her tree, and they were giant! So me and my comp watched one cross the road. I was secretly hoping it would be run over, and the people were like, "you can save it!" but I told them that.... I wanted to see it... uh,... cross he road – haha kinda a lie. I didn't want to tell them I wanted to see it run over by a car, but when it happened, it was really gross and it had green guts. Yeah, that was a highlight. This week was seriously that exciting :) haha

Just cuz I have nothing to say, I thought I would mention this to you. I WILL MARRY A GENTLEMAN. The men here are dumb, and I would never marry anyone that didn't treat a woman with respect. Man, the men here make me never want to get married... except to a gentleman who opens my door and loves me a lot and helps me in the kitchen :) haha just so you all know, :) you can tell my future suitors :) hahah

So while reading in the scriptures, I have noticed many things. I will be a missionary and share two. :)
    •    Well, I have noticed that the Book Of Mormon talks a lot about the words ATTENTION AND DILIGENCE and how we need both of those things when we read. It talks about it all the time. It's cool to notice patterns like that.
    •    The other thing is a pattern too. Talking about how if we keep the commandments, we'll prosper. I have noticed that here, and it's amazing how the promise still rings true. :) I hope you are all keeping the commandments. :)

Well, nothing else to say. This email is lame, cuz I have been doing other things on the computer. Sometimes, one hour is simply not enough. I love you all so much, and I hope you are loving home right now, cuz I miss you all. The work is going well. We are helping to save souls!!! I love you all, and I hope you are well. Sorry about this lame letter!!! love you!!! :) I will try to send some pics :) peace!!!

Love, Herm Erickson #1

ox ox ox

Teaching English class

English class recess-- Happy faces; but what about those feet?

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