Monday, January 13, 2014

#58 [La Venta - 18] Jan. 13th, 2014

It is past time to say goodbye!

Wow, so a pretty boring week then, that's ok. Thanks for the update anyways. Heather wrote me a lot, so that was nice. I haven't heard from her in a while. A lot has happened here. Ok, not a lot, but I feel like this email will be long; get excited. :) maybe.

So M__ came to church. And she stopped working all day, everyday, so that's good. We will continue to work with her. We taught her 8 year old son how to pray, and when he prayed for the first time in front of his mom, it was a proud moment. It was really cute. :)

So my bag is getting pretty gross. Here is a pic. I use it still even though I have others to use. I just can't seem to get rid of things!

Also, these are the pants that I got Riss, too. Me and Peck are modeling. So cute, super comfy. Ok, not so cute, but comfy. :) haha

My 13 months was lame. No one remembered until about 5 pm. Which was fine. :) I celebrated at church by taking the sacrament. hahaha

I got a package, but it was from the Abbott's :) it was a pretty necklace and a CD, which was nice. I really like them :) .... :)

Ok, so I actually don't have much to say. BUT on Saturday, we had a temple trip with the converts. It was great. We took a few people. E__ freaked out. He loved it so much. He is such a great man. He's fantastic!!!! ah!!!! I love him; words cannot describe. If you want to facebook friend him, you can find him under E__ B__. He knows English, kinda. Speaking of facebook, our ML got on our accounts to accept his friend request, so if it asks, it was him – just fyi.

The temple trip went great. We went straight to the baptism after, and it was nice. The other herms also had a baptism, so it was good to end the transfer that way :) 2 elders also had a baptism planned; we had no idea, and J__ freaked out and made everyone stressed.

Can I just say that I am super grateful for the mission? I have come to discover a lot more about myself. I am very grateful for my attitude, like things happen, and other people freak out, but I have come to realize that I am a pretty calm person, so that's good. Thought you oughta know :)

The baptism went well. F__ is fantastic. Fantastic F__. So far, he's well. :)

Speaking of converts, Y__ hit her 3 months yesterday, and she also finished the Book Of Mormon. :)  She told us that some days she had to read for up to 3 hours! She's great. I always worry about her cuz she wears immodest things, but then I realize that with time she'll change, :) love her.

So..... transfers were last night. We had NO IDEA what was going to happen. NO CLUE. We get the call, and find out that Hermanas Peck and Hamblin are leaving to who knows where!!! and that me and hermana Jorgenson are staying, and she is training. I am not. I guess my kid didn't turn out real good... hahaha, kidding. But there are 7 hermanas coming in this transfer, 6 are Latina.

Yeah, I am happy to stay here in Paradise. I love it here. I would be sad to leave, but at the same time, I love new things. I would've been happy to leave. Whate'er.

Well, I don't think I have more to say. Love you all and miss you all the time, but not super a lot. I hope you are all well, and I hope life is treating you well. Much love from the DR :)

Hermana Erickson #1

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