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#57 [La Venta - 17] Jan. 6th, 2014

These are 4/5 of my "sons" in the zone. They think they have the coolest mom. They are right. :) This was at baseball today. The ones in the hat and the grey shirt are practically pro.Add caption

HELLO! :) Thank you for the updates :)

Just so you all know, I am 100% on my new years resolutions. I made a lot. I will talk about those later, probably.

This year for new years wasn't very crazy. It was a normal day. At night, there weren't many drunk people. Well, there always are, but there weren't particularly more. So that was good. We got to eat with Liu this time, and we went and helped her prepare a few things. I had some of that Pastel thing that Riss mentioned. I have had it before. I will send a picture, so you can know what it looks like... :) But lately, I have prepared SO MANY salads; still hate them, some things never change. :) But I have become expert on cutting up tomatoes, for future reference :)

This week went by super slow. I don't know why, but I feel like nothing happened. But some times the mission is like that. I celebrated my 1st full year on the island by doing nothing. I didn't mention it to anyone, and I think we were fasting, so I celebrated in my head. It's crazy that I have been immersed in this crazy culture for over a year. I love it here. It is so different, but I love it. Maybe I will live here... oh wait, probably not, but still, I love it. I feel like I have only been here for a few weeks because there is something more crazy that happens every week. Pretty much every day is a new adventure, and I love it. Man, you're gonna have to experience this :)

I did though, get a package of the testimonies from the ward. That was nice; some really nice testimonies. I don't know what I am going to do with them though,... they are all in English. So... we'll see what happens with that. The pictures attached are nice though. I plan on writing back and sending personal thank you notes to everyone, so look for that. :) And tell Bro. Brown thanks :)

So do you remember me telling you about a guy named G__ from Independencia? of the G__ family? Well, I found out that they are baptized :) They just recently got baptized. :) I am so happy to find that out. I remember the first time teaching them. Me and Hermana Beesley felt so excited, and they are so prepared. I think they had to get married. :) Man, missionary work is great. I love being a missionary. Even though sometimes you probably can't tell by my emails. :/ but yeah!!!!!

Speaking of baptisms, we have one this Saturday. F__ is getting dunked, and he is such a cutie. He's 13, and he takes his grandma to church and to baptisms that are 30 minutes away. He's adorable. He's very prepared. He comes to church early and sets up chairs and gets there before members. Like, the first 10 people at church are our converts and investigators. We are so blessed here.

Transfers are coming up; this Sunday actually. No one knows what is going to happen. The rama is praying super hard for all of us to stay. They have really grown attached to us. :) Also, J__, the mission leader wants to talk to Pres. Rodriguez about letting us 4 stay. Mainly because the event in Tierra Llana brought a few families, and we're the only ones who know them. The elders think I am leaving to my last area............ and I have no idea what to think. I wouldn’t mind leaving, but I would love to stay. We'll see what God has in store :)

E__ invited us over to cook the other day. He's a crazy man. We love him. He also bore his testimony for the first time. What a good guy. He's always trying to speak English with us. His son is in the US, and only speaks English, so he's practicing. He's also randomly practicing Portuguese. Reminds me of Uncle Ryan. How are they doing? and Cole? :)

Um... some of my resolutions are:
    -finish the BOM 2 more times in Spanish
    -floss daily
    -shower daily (You better believe it! I went there, and I haven't missed a day! Even when I have to use a cup because there is not much water!!!!)
    -I have like, 2 pages full of them, and I forgot my journal. Maybe I will write a letter to you guys telling you more. :)

I realized that I love making lists, so making a list of resolutions was great. :) Good times.

Do you guys have resolutions? If so, please let me know! I think they are great things. I support them :)

So we have an investigator named M__. She is great, but she just started working, 7-9pm daily, and she gets Sunday mornings off because she asked for them and she works in a cafeteria. She had a battle with her mind this Sunday to come to church, and she CAME! This was her 2nd time, but the first time she didn't like it... so I am glad she gave it another chance. She decided to come again because we had an activity a while ago and watched the JS movie, and she felt the spirit really strong. We're excited for her, but it's hard to teach her.

Also, we have a family in TL, and they are great. We took J__ the other night to our first cita, and he spent TWO HOURS talking. I said about 50 words, and that was weird. If they had enough patience to listen to that, I think they could be golden. :) We'll keep you updated for sure. :)

Well, I think that is all. This work is great. I love being here. I love representing Christ. I love this church. I love the gospel. I love that we have the Book of Mormon. I love our prophet. I keep wanting to write him a letter, but it's not allowed while on a mission. Maybe I will tell Bro. R__ to tell him hi. Or maybe I will write a letter to give to Bro. R__, and he’ll give it to the prophet. :) That would be a nice thing :) hahahaha loopholes :)

Well, I should go. I hope you are all well. I would never know, cuz only mom and dad write me, but whatever. I am not bitter. I just think it's funny that you all lumping wrote Jeff! Goodness; whatever ;) haha. I love you all so so so much. I hope you had a great 2013 and a happy new years, CHEERS! And that you are being nice to each other and going to church and reading the scriptures. The church is true and I love it.

With oh so much love, Hermana Erickson #1 :)

•    Me at 12:00 on new years. We woke up at 11:50 and made floats from Red rock. :) It's a type of soda. YUM!

Dominican Egg Nog

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