Monday, February 10, 2014

#62 [La Venta - 22] Feb. 10th, 2014

Who knew?

Man, I am super happy today. I am usually happy, but today I am extra happy and hyper. I just got back from playing soccer, and that sport makes me giddy with excitement, and full of energy – energy to be used in this email. So get excited, or prepare yourself, this could get interesting.

This week was full of weird things, as in good things. I am going to tell you a little about my experiences, :) out of order, cuz this isn't school, and I can do that.

We had intercambios this last Tuesday, and I loved it so much. I went out with a hermana that leaves this transfer, and it was great. She mostly took over, and I liked that; hahah slacker, right? No, it was just nice.

Our numbers in this area are quite low, in all areas except recent converts. I firmly believe that if our converts are weak, they will turn into less actives really soon, and they'll kinda get angry with the church and become harder to get back, just like the Nephites in the Book of Mormon :) hehe Missionary Moment :) relating real life to the Book of Mormon :) BUT yeah, numbers don't mean anything. They are people, and we're doing our job, which is to help La Venta to be a missionary branch, so they can do the work on their own, and they are pretty close to accomplishing that meta. We're pretty much training them for the work :) I love it. :)

One of the recent converts paints pottery. She has let us help her, and it's service! I love it. It is the funnest service I have done, probably ever. I really like painting. You learn a lot about yourself on the mission. In all ways. For instance, I feel like my letters home are full of temporal things, and you hear about my adventures. Like I am only having fun. But believe me, I have had my share of fasting and praying and stressing out. But when I come to internet, those hard things don't really stick out in my brain. I think of the fun, happy moments, so that is the story you get. So I apologize that my emails are pretty... not missionary-like. Plus, I have a difficulty expressing spiritual things, so I just don't. I feel kinda bad reading letters from other missionaries, cuz they sound like the whole mission is spiritual, and it is, but I just figure you know that, so I tell you other stuff. Ugh, it's bugging me, but whatever!!! Sometimes I feel totally judged for not being super spiritual in my letters. But I am having fun, and I am so happy. I love being a missionary. It is so fun. Dad, is that a sacrilege? — If it's not, gophers in the cemetery definitely is!! haha

Speaking of other missionaries, I enjoyed getting Elder Farleys' letters in the Dear Elders. It was fun to read about how they are doing. Good guys. Make me proud. But, Spencer mentioned something about China, and how if it were to open, all of the 80,000 plus missionaries would have to go there. Which was an interesting comment, cuz they other day, like 3 weeks ago, I was having that EXACT conversation with my comp. We probably were talking about it at the same time!!! FARLEY CONNECTION! :)

Ok, now for some random things, and then I will talk about the work :) like investigators :) hehe

•    I bought a turban the other day it's just a headpiece that looks lie a turban. Almost got purple, but purple is the urple,,,, hahah and is the color of professor Quirrell's turban, and he was hiding Volde— I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named underneath. So I got red. :) Cool, huh?

•    I got gripe (a cold) the other day cuz the temps dropped pretty drastically. As in, it went from like, 82 degrees to 78. And not only did I get the chills, but I got a cold! Lame, huh?! I have become so accustomed to the hot weather, that 78 feels chilly. I even wore a jacket outside and slept with a sheet! brrr....

•    So I have been trying to be happier lately. So I decided to walk around with a slight smile on my face, so I don't look like I am going to kill someone all the times. I thought I was doing something good, but then I checked in a reflection, and I looked like a chubby Asian! So I stopped that and decided to just smile for reals and say hi to everyone. That really helps, because people think we don't know Spanish and that we’re stuck-up, so when we say hello, they are more willing to talk to us and listen to the message we have. :) So story is, SAY HI TO EVERYONE!! :)

•    OH! our kitchen sink had a pretty gross clog for the past 2 weeks, and we tried putting drain unclogger in it. It was the cheap kind, so it didn't really work, which was sad. But on Saturday, I decided to use my plumbing skills, aka Super Mario Brothers, and I unscrewed one of the pipes and drained the water. GENIUS! But then, it gets better. I felt adventurous, and took the pipes apart! Out gushed old food, some brown goopy stuff, and some awful smells! :) BUT it turns out that all of those days playing Nintendo helped me out. The sink is now beautifully flowing. I reassembled it perfectly, all by myself, and bleached the parts :) SUCCESS! .....oh the things you do on the mission. I also convinced everyone in the house that I did plumbery before the mission... hehe :) I like new things like that. Being a plumber for a day made me want to be a lot of things for a day. Like, take a lot of classes and develop all of these cool skills.

The sink, before the love...
•    There is a super great bread here. It's called "0water bread" or Pan de Agua and I love it!!! I crave it all the time–like a prego lady! But I don't know why cuz it’s hard and tastes like cardboard, but I like it :) YUM!

Okay, now for investigators.

We have E__ this week, and she is getting baptized. I am stoked for her. She's a 13 year old girl, and shy, but I think it will be good. :)

M__ once again didn't come to church.

Mainly cuz her mom left and M__ didn't have a diaper to put her child in during church. He usually runs around naked, and just pees on the floor; not acceptable for church, so she didn't come. She's kinda losing animo for the church cuz of her financial problems, but it should get better. :)

The family we are teaching still didn’t come to church, darn.

A__ MIGHT get baptized this Saturday, too. He lives with J__, and is like, his gypsy brother. There is a Mormon gypsy gang in our ward, and it's great. Anyways, he is a part of that, and has been to church 5 times. Pres. wants him dunked this Saturday. We have yet to teach him, but he is ready. We have a cita tomorrow, and we'll teach him it all and see how we feel. He will be baptized either this Saturday, or the next :)

And... that is all of our progressing investigators. We need to find more. It's the pits, but God'll help us for sure :)

As you can see, this week was great. I love being a missionary. It's so rewarding and I love the people I get to meet :) I love my investigators. I love this rama. I love my converts. I love life, so much. I just have so much love :) I really am having the time of my life. It's so fun to be a representative of Christ. I love preaching and yeah, I cherish all of the moments. :)

OH! I go to teach RS on Sunday, and it went FANTASTICALLY! :) Turns out that I can do more in RS than decorate tables! Good to know... :)

Well, I love you all!!! I hope you have a great Valentines day! AND a big happy birthday to my cousin, Kasha Shaneequa Farley! on Saturday. I will be thinking of her at the baptism :) and to Louie, in France, on the 12th :)

Well, I love you all, and I hope you are all well!!! Thanks for your love and support. I can feel it through the hard times! Keep reading your scriptures and praying!!! I love you!!!!!

OX OX OX!!! (Princess Diaries inside joke)


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