Monday, February 17, 2014

#63 [La Venta - 23] Feb. 17th, 2014

I enjoyed the email so much. It made me laugh.

Ok, so I have some big news. Like, BIG!

We had interviews on Tuesday, right? –right. Well, I asked Pres. about my release date, out of curiosity, and he was like, "You hit 18 months in June, right? Well, there wasn't a transfer in June, it was either May 20 or July 1....but, since there is a new pres. coming, and he is coming in June, there is going to be a transfer in June – June 17th or something." So I am coming home in JUNE!! :)) I am stoked, cuz before, I was kinda sad that I wouldn't be out for my whole 18 months. I felt like I was getting gypped off, and then he told me that there is gong to be a special transfer in June, and I am going to go home in June, with the mission pres, so that is exciting. Also, the transfer from April to May will only be four weeks, and then the one from June to August will be 8; then it will go back to normal!!!
BUT YEAH! I am excited. I feel good about it. With that being said, that means I have 3 more transfers, and so I will for sure probably get transferred this next week. Bitter-sweet for sure, but hey, no one knows. 

The rest of the interview went well. Apparently Azua will become a stake soon. It's cool cuz me and Hermana Gamez were the ones that kinda started it. They hadn't had a baptism for a year, and they had 9 priesthood holders. Then, we baptized 4, who converted their friends, and now there are 30+; so it's a miracle. Pres told me all about it and kept thanking me for the work we did. It was very humbling.
So I hit 14 months on Wednesday. I feel old, but yeah, 14! The same day that A__, a convert turned 35. So we went to his house and celebrated with a few members. But we went to E__s’ before, and he was like, "I have this suit, and I think it would fit you so well. My mom wants you to have it." And so he gave me a full-on PANT SUIT! — like, from the 80's. I might never wear it, but I sure can't ever get rid of it!! I have met his mother, like once, but she really likes me. She tells E__ to tell me that I am funny. She always laughs at my jokes. It's nice to know that I am a little funny in Spanish :) haha. But yeah, that explains my suit that I am wearing. It fits PERFECTLY!, even the pants. I don't know how, but yeah. Also, I think it was worn by his sister and has been sitting in his closet for 20+ years. Oh well, a gift is a gift. I love him so much :)

I found another skill this week. Mom, remember that one skirt that is super "Dominican" and colorful, with all sorts of designs on it, like shapes? Well, it's been stained. Most of the other things I own have not been (it's a miracle!), but anyways I decided to turn the stains into art, and I decorated it with sharpie marker. Now, I really like it. I thought about chucking it away, but now I really like it, haha. I also got platano on my white skirt, and I got that killer stain out. It's great, so far I haven’t thrown any of my clothes away; garments aside.
Good news, E__ GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! :) and it was the BEST baptism I have ever been to. The spirit was so strong. Everything was perfect. She came, and was super nervous, and then we talked to her after, and she felt so great. I am so proud of her. I was nervous that she wouldn't go thru with it, but she did, and it felt so great to be one of the missionaries that helped her out. I love her so much, too. It's a crazy type of love that I feel for my converts. They have a special place in my heart. :)

It was cool, cuz we had a temple trip on Saturday too, and we took our converts and that was special. Then, all of the people from the trip went to the baptism, so a lot of people turned up. It was great! And to make it more of a party, the other hermanas had a baptism, too. :)

A__ didn’t end up getting dunked this last week, but he will on Saturday, “Si Dios Quiere,” which is what all Dominicans say here. I think all will go well with that. :) He's great. I am excited for him. It'll be a great experience :)

Oh gosh... so on Sunday, they asked me and my comp to teach primary. We thought it would be fine. NOPE! The WORST thing in my life. I am never having kids, at least not 20 at once, cuz that was hectic!!! We walk into the class, and there are like, 7 kids. We start singing and such, trying to keep their attention, and once it was lost, all “hell” broke loose; pardon my French :) But wow, I don't know what happened. And then, the hour was over, and I was excited, until they opened the door and put in 10 more kids, and were like, "Don't let them leave." And they shut the door!!!! ah!! And then, there were girls all around my head, trying to do my hair, children crawling all over us, and kids yelling, leaving, and going crazy. It was one of the craziest experience in my life. It was awful. So I took a picture, and that explains the pic I sent :) Kinda funny now, but living it was terrible. :/

So M__ is doing alright. She told us she would be baptized within 2 years. Darn. I think she'll change her mind. We told her to pray about a date, and let us know. She also wanted me and Hermana Peck to be there, so... she was wanting to wait until December, cuz me and Peck are returning for the sealing, but whatever. She's doing well. Her neighbor put a curse on her, and so she is having all sorts of financial trouble. Witchcraft is very real here, and it's scary. Speaking of scary things, to scare you, mom, a few ladies in our rama were mugged, and people keep telling us to be super careful at night, because people are getting kidnapped. Cool huh?

Well, that sums up the week. It was a good one. We're just excited about Wednesday, since we have cleaning checks, and we went all out to clean. (We are deep deep cleaning the house, and it's great. We're like, half way done. I just spent 2.5 hours on our tiny bathroom. We have cleaning checks on Wednesday, and an elder issued a challenge, so we're gonna dominate him.) :) I love you all, and I hope you have a great day. Remember to pray and read your scriptures!!! I love you and this gospel, so much!!! It has blessed my life in many, many ways. I love being a missionary :)

Well, that's all!! I love you so much!!!

Peace and blessings!!

-Hermana Erickson #1

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