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#34 [Independencia - 6] July 29th, 2013


Oh man, that is one thing I really miss- scripture time with the family. Such good times. There are some chapters in the BOM that always remind me of those times, and I just get super happy when I read them.

Dad, I am so glad to hear that our missionary service has blessed you with winning. Congrats on the Walmart gift card. What a blessing! :) Now we won’t run out of money!! hahaha...

Sad that Uncle Delton died. I liked him. He bought me a little bunny from the auction. Also, his name sounds like Kelton’s. I just put that together, because I was thinking that I really like that name and I might name my kid after him, and then I remembered Kelton’s name. uh... moving on. Yep :) Send my condolences to her. So thankful that there is a plan that God created to give us hope in our times of sorrow: we can see our loved ones again!!

The weather here has been pretty hot. We are expecting lots of rain, but so far, just hot. The only times we get wet are when we just sit there and do nothing, because we are sweating a lot. Not pleasant at all.

Ok, well that concludes your letter. Sounds like a pretty eventful week. Can you have Josh tell me all about EFY? He never writes to me.

Ok, so this week was pretty great. Turns out that Monday was a perfect day!!! After running and emailing and such, we wrote letters, and then we only had one appointment, who lives about 45 minutes away - walking. She was a lady at church, who was invited by her cousin. Her name is A. She’s 25. Anyways, we go there, and I was kinda expecting a lady that was not super interested, but she asked us SO MANY QUESTIONS, and then we’d say something, and she’d be like, “That’s exactly what I wanted to know!!” Wow, she is for sure prepared. I love her. She’s full of this zest for life, and she has a cute little boy. Ah, love her! Anyways, the other day, we went back to her, and we asked her if she had read the folleto that we left with her, and she said no. UGH! I was super upset, because she seemed like such a prepared person :( and then she continues, ̈I didn’t read the folleto, but I started reading my cousin’s Book of Mormon instead.. sorry!̈ and boy, we felt silly. It’s much better to read the BOM than the folleto. And we checked where she had read, and she was in chapter 21 of 1 Nefi!!! in 3 days!!! yeah. You can say golden if you want. We have been blessed with her. She came to church again on Sunday, and we set a baptismal date with her for the 24th of August. She plans on finishing the BOM before that date. Ah, I am super stoked for her. :)

Also, we took a member with us all day long on Tuesday, I think, but we took her all around our area, and we felt super bad because we walked for about 2 hours before an appointment was there. We’d walk from one side of our area to the other, which is about an hour away. Anyway, we were walking, and you know how I find EVERYTHING on the ground? Well, we’re walking, and I look down, and I see 400 pesos. Yes – and that equals 10 dollars. We looked around, and no one was there. Money, just sitting there, so I picked it up. I gave 200 to the member because we felt bad to make her walk around in the super hot weather. God blesses us in mysterious ways, that’s for sure. Then, we went to this lady’s house, whose name is R. She’s way nice, but I think she just likes us as friends. We’ll see. Anyways, at the very end of our lesson, she tells us to hang tight, and so we do. Before we know it, she comes out with fancy glasses full of coke. Well, Beesley is stubborn when it comes to drinking carbonation, and I don’t like it, and the member definitely gave me a glare when I sipped it to make sure it was coke. She thought that members couldn’t have caffeine. Judged. Anyways, I really didn’t want to drink it, and neither did the other two. So while R. went inside real quick, we poured it in the plants. We went there. Yes we did. :) I don’t think the plants were even real. But, haha good times in the mission. It’s always an adventure!

Ok, so I already told mom this, but I thought I would mention it here, as well. So I am officially starting my personal progress! Yes. My goal is to finish it in one transfer, and I have it all planned out so that I can do it. It’ll be hard, but I think I’ll learn a lot from it because When I got it before, I didn’t really do it with any intentions, just to do it. So yeah. Heather, are you doing yours? I’ll probably get my second one before you get your first. Kinda embarrassing, huh? My bet to you still stands. If you finish before I do, I will but you some really cute stuff from here. They have so much cute things that I think you would love. Anyways, I am excited for that.

OH! Do you remember T? The guy that had to get married back in Azua? Well, good news, he got married :) I called the Herms in Azua last night, and they gave me the lo down on things there. K., A., and C. all got the Melchizedek Priesthood!!! And they all blessed the sacrament the other Sunday. Ah, I wish I could see them perform their duties in the priesthood. What studs. And then, they all gave talks the same Sunday mom did!!! ps -- well done on your talk. I am glad that you recorded it, dad. Thank you. Anyways, so they are all doing well. T. got married the other day, and HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! I am thrilled. I feel so happy, and sad because I can’t be there–but it doesn’t matter who baptizes him, as long as he gets baptized, right? Ah, I am so happy.

So with transfers, anything could really happen. I love being with Beesley, and we have so much fun together, and get work done, so I love her. But I was thinking that we would probably not stay together, but we are! And we are still in Independencia. We freaked out when the elders told us that. Hermana Gamez gets to come live with me. Since she’ll be with B..., she’ll probably be more attached to me. I was hoping that I would stay here, just for A. All of our other investigators they aren't not progressing, but they keep disappointing us. After all, salvation isn’t cheap, why should the mission and conversion be easy?

Oh!!! We had a miracle happen the other day. So on Saturday, the Herms had a baptism, and the elders who originally taught her got to come to it, since they lived 20 minutes away. Afterward, they told us that they had a less active woman they wanted us to go to. So they took us to her street, and it was late at night. So they point to a house with the lights on, and tell us it’s the one above it. So the next day, we go out and go to the house. But it turns out to be a random lady that we weren’t looking for – a little disheartened, we thanked her for her time, and then decided to invite her to church. We introduced ourselves and gave her the horario, and then we start leaving, and she goes, "Wait, do you think you could stop by another day and talk to us a little about your church?̈".......Stunned for a sec, we looked at her, trying to process what just happened, and then out of our mouths comes, "....uh... yeah... uh.. whi..which day would work best for you?" We were NOT expecting that. That never happens. We have not gone back to her, but we think there is some potential there!

We went to the corner (where the less active brother-in-law lives,) and asked him where she lived, just to make sure, and it was the next building over that was hers. So apparently God had us misunderstand their directions so we could find N. We’ll see what happens. I am stoked for her.

But yeah!! That about concludes my week! I went running again this week. It’s gonna be a weekly thing, because I am pretty much forcing Beesley to go with me. It’ll be good for us :)

But I love you!! I am so grateful to be a representative of Christ!! I love being here!!

Thank you for your support!! If you want to tell everyone to lumping send me mail, please do. I love writing letters (speaking of that, could you get Louie’s address? I don’t have it.) and then let them all know that if they are too poor to buy a stamp, DEARELDER is FREE!!! (it must be good!!) Also, people in the family can take 5 minutes to tell me about EFY or girls they like, or something silly. Sacrifices are what make us good people. Just let some people know that. I definitely don’t feel like a loner here though, and I appreciate all that I have gotten. Just a little spiel about that. Also, I am grateful that I have not gotten Dear Jane’d, yet. I don’t count on it, but it has happened to 2 people in the last month. Apparently there is a trend going on or something. Speaking of that, KELTON HAS 23 DAYS LEFT!  ah!!!!!!

Anyways. Love you all. Love you all more than I can tell you. Thanks again for all you do. I will keep representing you with pride!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Peace and love forever!

-Hermana Erickson 1

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