Friday, July 12, 2013

#31 [Independencia - 3] July 8th, 2013

The Independencia zone                  

I am glad to hear that you got my letter. Also, I mentioned last letter I think – I did get the package. Much thanks for that.

I absolutely love how you do falcon updates. Makes me laugh!! Thank goodness that it didn’t die. That would’ve been very sad.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH LHP!!!!! LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!!!!! hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Cool about the missionaries. You should definitely get on that. Gotta help the work progress!!!

Well dad, thanks for writing me. :) now I will tell you about my week.

Don’t get your hopes up. This week passed by super quick, and I can’t remember what really happened.

For the fourth of July, we didn’t really do much. We for sure all wore red, white and blue, and I felt pretty patriotic. Also, we ate s’mores and ordered Pizza Hut pizza. Yes, we splurged. It was worth it. And that was the extent of our "party."
4th of July in the DR
We had a few sets of missionaries come into the house the other day, and they saw the family picture and mentioned how we all look so great. They didn’t mention dad looking like a movie star, but they mentioned mom looking like a "professional" and then a few "Karen Carpenter" hahah, which made me laugh because mom just loves Karen Carpenter, haha...

We were teaching some men, E. and L., and all of the sudden, L. turns to me and is like, "Wanna hear my favorite song?" so he turned it on... "HOW DO I GET YOU ALONE!!!!!?" Yep, and then he stared to sing it in his little Dominican/American accent, haha-made me laugh, and miss all of the good music. I mean, I love MoTab, but Heart... classic.

Also, we have this investigator named W.. He has been investigating for... 6 years, because his sister is a member. Anyways, we had a baptism date for him on the 7th, and he was all good, and then all of the sudden, he told us that he didn’t believe in profetas. So that was a low blow. I guess he’ll have to wait. We’ve been having a lot of that lately. As in, people progressing and all of the sudden something gets them. Kinda annoying, but such is the work! We are probably going to be dropping a lot of people. I hate dropping people. I take that back, I like it because I have done my part, but they didn’t do theirs. And plus, I love planting seeds. I have realized that I could go the rest of my mission without baptizing anyone. I love planting the seeds for other people to harvest. I just feel very accomplished in the work I am doing, which is a huge blessing.

Um... yeah. I really think that about covers it. This week was good. Life is good. I love the work. I love the mission. I am sorry this weeks email is short and not interesting. But to make it better, I will add pictures.

I really love you all so much. I want Heather to tell me all about her EFY and other camp things she went to. I want Josh to tell me about work. Jeff to tell me about life in general. And Jake to tell me about the summer. I would appreciate that much. Lots and lots of love,

Herm. Erickson 1

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