Monday, July 15, 2013

#32 [Independencia - 4] July 15th, 2013

Oh mom. My eyes sure do get a lot wetter these days, too. :) Crazy times, these missions. They sure change people. :)

But thank you for your letter, it was fun to read. I love reading them so much more than I love writing them. But alas, I do love writing them.

HOLY COW!!!!! Derek and Brent are home?!?!?!? Oh my. So weird. It was also a weird thing to hit my 7 month mark. I come home in less than a year, and that is super sad. Also happy, but sad because – I have been waiting to serve a mission since I was a wee lass, and now I’m living it and it’s almost half done. Odd. These are days never to be squandered, or forgotten. haha.

Mandy is engaged?, that’s good. I like that news. But since it’s not facebook official, I don’t know if I should believe it... even if it was from grandma. haha :)
Ok, so here's the details of my life in the beautiful paradise, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!

So apparently there was a cyclone this past week. I know this because the people would not stop talking about it. Also, it rained a lot, so much that on Wednesday, we had to stay inside. We could not go outside to teach or anything. Kinda sad, but I enjoyed it. The thunder was so loud, that it would rattle our bones. I loved it. We decided to go on the roof for 10 seconds, and the wet pictures is of us after about 2. It was pouring. I love the rain. I thought about 

Lovin' the rain during the cyclone in the DR!
showering on the roof, and then decided not to because the lightning was a little too close...

But during that entire day, I decided to just read the Book of Mormon, in English. It's great, since I haven’t read in English for a long time. So long, that my Book of Mormon smells like an old book. So anyways, I sat and read, for like 5 hours. We also talked a lot, and we also ate. I wanted to get a good chunk out of it read, and I ended up getting to Alma - not too shabby. I marked things and HOLY COW: there are so many things that I never realized before. I love that book so much!!!! After reading it in Spanish a few times, my understanding in English has grown exponentially! So great. So yeah, I did that all day. It was hard to not continue reading it. Also, to make things extra cool, I had finished the Book in Spanish that same morning!! Double dose of the BOOK!!!

On Thursday, we got spoiled a lot. The office elders brought us new mattresses. I am not a huge fan, since we are in bunk beds, and I am on the bottom, so with this new mattress, I am about 5 inches from the top. Needless to say, I don’t like it. I feel a bit claustrophobic, not a fan, but whatever - it’s part of the mission life. Also, we got A BLENDER, A MICROWAVE, AND A GRIDDLE!!!!! We are for sure spoiled. It’s cool that we didn’t rely on them before, but now we feel that we just have to use them all the time, so we do. :)

So we have this investigator that the Herms before us found. His name is O. He was going to get baptized the day I arrived, but they found him wasted in the streets a few days prior, sad. And so for the next 3 weeks, I only saw him wasted. Never saw him sober, until recently. We’ve been teaching his mother, and he has come in a few times, totally sober - so we started teaching him. I felt super prompted to promise him that if he would read at least a chapter from the BoM every morning, then he wouldn’t be tempted to drink. So far, he has been reading a lot. He really wants to change, and you can see that it hurts him and his family when he gets drunk, and really wants to change. So we’ll see how that goes. I have a good feeling. So far he has been reading a lot. He also came to church for the first time since I have been here.

We have this investigator that used to play professional soccer for the Peru team. So naturally, I feel very connected with him. He is a computer programmer, so I feel even more connected with him. It’s cool. He also was a left forward... huh. Kinda creepy how similar I am to a 65 year old man. Creepy, but still cool. He retired 26 years ago. I like talking to him about the gospel... :)

Other than that, we had a pretty normal week. I loved it so much. I really love the gospel. I am so glad that I got to read the Book of Mormon all day on Wednesday. The book really has a lot of power, and every time I read it, I want to be a better person. I would love to be able to read it all over again in English. I think I will if we have a cyclone again. You can bet on it!!! (cue-high school musical.) haha.

Also, I agree with Riss about the Little House on the Prairie... Christmas is coming up. Have Josh put it on his list. I think he liked it the most. hahah.

Well, I hope you all are strengthening your testimonies as Riss and I are. I know that I have seen miracles, and that the Lord’s hand is in this work so much. I love knowing that I am a part of the winning team, and that I cannot fail if I do what is right. I love my mission. I am so blessed to be serving these humble people in the DR. My journal is slowly turning into mom's journal, just full of how much I love the gospel. Oh well.

Have a great week!! Do something nice for someone else!!!!

ox ox ox

Herm Erickson 1

Also, Heather, thank you for the update about your life. Sounds like you had a really great time. I love EFY, and I am so glad that you did too!!! yay!!!!

Peace and love.

Also, mom, thank you for that thought from Herm. Richardson. It’s a good one for sure. I love you so much!!! (Mark 5:36 "...Be not afraid, only believe" -- shared at the recent mission presidents training seminar)

Dad, happy ¾ birthday! Eat some ice cream for me!!

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