Friday, July 12, 2013

#30 [Independencia - 2] July 1st, 2013

Happy days to you all!!! Hello!!! I can’t even believe it is July!! Crazy. Time here flies super fast, and I don’t know how I like it. But yeah, this week was pretty good.

Anyways, before I get to writing about my week, I will reply to yours, as usual. :)

Congratulations to Joshy for getting a Job!! I love that he is working and spending his time wisely. Happy, happy. Jeff has a beard... no wonder he’s not married yet. Maybe suggest him to keep it up until I get home so I can go to the wedding!!! I don’t want him to get married until I get home. Speaking of getting home, my official leave date is TODAY!!!! – next year... weird. But it’s in the middle of the transfer, so I might come home either before that or after. duh.

CONGRATS ON WINNING, DAD!!! You really should get better at your winning voice... just act like Little House on the Prairie came back on KBYU, and maybe that would excite you more :) hahah, kidding. But probably for reals, hahah

This keyboard is driving me bonkers!!! But yeah, man, my brain is not working. I apologize. I can’t focus. I have to go to the bathroom, but I don’t want to!!

I am glad that you had a great week. It makes me happy to hear that you are all alive and happy. :)

So, I will write a few random things, and then go on to answer your questions:

OK! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE ON THURSDAY!!!! Thank you a bazillion times for that!!! It made me so happy. You are all so loving. I feel very fat eating the candy. But I make it up by taking a vitamin. Twice a day. I am just so healthy like that. Thank you for the music and the shirts and the RING!!! It fits perfectly! I have never had a legit ring. I have been wearing a green one for the last 2 months. Thank you for the ring, and also for the candy and the photo albums. I like that Riss did a jumping picture. Is that on her plaque? But if it is... I might kill her because that was my idea. hahah

But really, you are so great. Thank you for sending me stuff. I feel so loved. I have the best family in the world. I love you guys!!! Even the old candy from Jeff, my pal. And the personal progress, and everything that was inside. You spend so much on me to make me happy, and it works; it also makes me fat.

My comp sat on a chair the other day and it broke. It was really funny. Take it as you will, because it was just a small kid chair, but she broke it. It worked nicely because I was able to use it in a future example talking about the apostasy, and how when one part of the chair breaks, the whole chair falls. It made her laugh, haha. Sometimes I think I am just so clever.

On Thursday as well, my comp broke the doorknob of our front door. It was funny. She's destructive I guess, but I love her.

Also on Thursday (which was a super eventful day.), it rained ALL DAY long. We were stuck in a house for 2 hours. We taught a lot! Then we left and didn’t have umbrellas so we got soaked. It was great. The thunder and lightning were so loud!! We are right by the ocean, so we went to look at it, and it was dark and gloomy and you could see the lightning hit and in the same second, hear the thunder boom. It was neat, and it made us really happy, and giddy and a little scared. I had to go to the bathroom the whole time, so the water didn’t help. I don’t drink a whole lot, but I guess it’s enough.


On the bright side, I don’t sweat as much as I did in Azua.

Random fact. I am the queen at finding things on the ground. I find money, and lots of it. I even find American money!! But the other day, I found a flag. I noticed it in the trash piles on the side of the street, and I realized it looked like a DR flag, so I grabbed it and didn’t look at it and stuffed it into my bag. I get home, open it up, and it’s a HUGE DR flag. Completely new. Not stained, not ugly, but legit. I felt pretty great. It was funny because I was thinking to myself that same morning about how cool it would be to have a DR flag...haha. God answers prayers!!!

Really, that was my week. I have loads of pictures, but it appears that my computer is too out of date to even have a hook-up for it. So... you will have to wait. KIDDING! Found it!!! Me and Beesley with the broken door; Me and my flag; Me and JULY 1, which is today; Um... me and the package; And us being drenched. :) happy.

I will now answer your questions.

Best part of the week? I really enjoy church. Probably the best part was when we passed by some investigators and they were waiting for us!! – that never happens. They walked to church. One is a grandma, and the other is her grandson, he’s 10. He’s legit. I like him. He wants to come back. We were teaching the grandma’s son, and he was about to get baptized, and then the other sisters found him wasted drunk. Apparently he is the town drunk. So the gospel really gives his mom hope. We focus on that during lessons. :) but yeah. That was super happy. Probably the best feeling.

Best food you had?/ Worst food? I ate some yucca this week. It was good. I enjoyed it. Kinda blah. I also had frosted flakes. That was probably the best, unless you count the candy that you sent me :) The worst thing was Coke, I hate it. Beesley will not drink it; very stubborn when it comes to pop. So, I had to drink the bitter cup. Gross. Sadly, those were the worst and best things I ate. Pathetic, seeing how I am on a foreign island... :(

Happiest moment?
when I got the package. Also, a member brought us brownies to church. That was a happy time.

Testimony building experience? So I am doing this chain for my personal study, and I study different things each day. The other day, I was just studying about the attributes of Christ, and I realized how much I need to change to be like Him. It was great. Also, I was listening to some music from the Cd’s you sent, and every time I hear anything about Joseph Smith, I just get overwhelmed. I have such a testimony of the restoration. It’s wonderful. I had more, I am sure, but I really can’t think of anything. Sorry.

Blast. Sorry for the lame email. I thought I had so much more to tell you. I know the gospel is true. I love it here. I love the people. I love serving. I love everything. I love my family. I love the church. Life is good.

I am just going to send this on because it is kinda annoying me. But, I love you!! Thank you for the package! I love you all. I would love you even if you didn’t send me candy. Just know that :)

Peace and love. Stay out of trouble.

With love forever and ever,

Hermana Erickson 1

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