Monday, August 5, 2013

#35 [Independencia - 7] August 5th, 2013

Love you MUCHO grande, too!! good one, mom! You sure are improving on your Spanish skills. Dad, have you learned more Spanish? or still working with "David el autobus?" haha.

But I am glad to hear that the funeral went well and that the house was still standing when you returned.

Gross... I can’t believe Madeline is married now... and that Camille is getting married. I have still not seen any pictures of her, but whatever. Madeline looks pretty. Weird that she’s old enough to get married.... ick. I’d rather not think about that...


HAHAHAHA the purpose of the photos with my Book of Mormon is EXACTLY that, dad!! – To motivate you to read the Book of Mormon and perish not, haha. kidding. I don’t know why I take them. I think they are funny, and it’s interesting to find all of the dead things here on the island. The other day, we found a dead dog in the road, but the cool thing about that one was that it was on fire – smelled like a bbq – and looked super gross. Didn’t put my Book of Mormon next to that one, but Herm. B. took a picture. Interesting culture here, but I love it.

But that about covers it for your email that to sent to me, so will talk about ME!

Ok, so dad, me and my companion talk about our families all the time, and she pretty much knows all about everyone - and I know about her family, too. It sounds like you and her dad would really get along. You should find him and hang out with him... haha. But every time she talks about him, I think of you, haha – anyways...


So my camera is broken. Absolutely broken. It won’t shut, nor turn on and it’s sad because I have not taken any pictures for a long time. So I will buy a new one I guess, nothing else I can really do. People tell me that they will rip me off if I try to get it repaired, so I will probably buy a new one. So sad, that camera has so many new memories, but yeah. If I have a big charge from my card, that is why. I don’t know how expensive it will be.  

Things with Herm. G. have actually been great. Herm. B. is like a new person! Wow, God knows best when it comes to companions. I have a testimony of that one.

If you ever feel like writing a normal letter, you could do that and include a wallet sized pic of the family, that would be cool. Sorry, I feel like I ask a lot from you guys. It’s just a convenience.

Another thing that I realized earlier this week is that I am super blessed. I have mentioned this before, but my mission seems too easy. I feel like I have not had too many downs. When it comes to how long I have been serving and how many times I have been disappointed, it seems like an unusually small number. I just love it, and I am definitely not complaining that it’s too easy. It’s just easier than I expected, and it’s not that I am not invested in my people – I am. It’s a nice gift from God.

So there is this song that is always on. If you want to hear Dominican music, it’s called ̈El VIdä by Mark Anthony. Google it, or YouTube. It’s catchy.

We have our temple trip coming up1!!!! We are going to go August 23rd, I think. I am super excited. It has been too long. When was the last time you went to the temple?

So A. is our main person right now. We love her so much!!! She is so ready for this gospel. So she’s been to church 3 times, and the first two, she had a hard time recognizing the spirit. So this last week, we decided to talk to her about fasting, since it would be a fast Sunday. So we taught her, and she said she would fast. So on Sunday, she didn’t eat, and we talked about fasting twice -- once in the investigator’s class, and then in relief society. But in the investigator’s class, she asked if she could pay fast offerings. They said yes, so she did. Then, in relief society, she asked if she had to be a member to bear her testimony. NOPE! So during the last 10 minutes of RS, she got up!!! We felt like proud parents. She said that she had been fasting to feel the spirit, and then today, she felt it!!!! We were stoked. We are so excited for her. She’ll be baptized for sure without a doubt. Man, I love seeing people progress.

We actually have 11 fechas this week. That means 11 people have dates to be baptized. We’re hoping for them all! and working with them. We have a cute little family that is half Haitian and half Dominican, which is weird because the Dominicans hate the Haitians, but I like them both. Racism is not cool, but it’s funny.... umm... yep. But it’s wrong.

But yeah, that was the week. Kinda bummed out because my camera broke, but such is life. Things happen. And then I have been doing personal progress – speaking of that, mom, or dad, or the family, I need your help!!! Can you write down my POSITIVE qualities? and either email them or write a letter or a dear elder? please!!!!? I need it for my personal progress... goodness, the things they have you do.

But yeah, that is my week in review. This upcoming week should be good.


Hermana Erickson 1

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