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#38 [Independencia - 10] Aug. 26th, 2013


How are you all doing?! I hope you are all doing fantastic, because I sure am. I am so blessed to be here. Man, I love this.

Thank you for the update, and the nice pictures of the siblings. It sure is fun to see pictures of the family. Heather looks a lot older, so does Jake. Josh still looks like a fatty–in a good way though. haha

Hopefully the first day of school went well for everyone!! Can’t believe Joshy is taking 4 AP classes! What a stud!! Glad he’s finally living up to his potential. I always knew he’d turn out to be a smart kid. I mean, he loved plants!

WAY TO GO HEAD! Way to make the volleyball team! Man, I have a talented family. I sure am blessed! Well done, Slytherin! (Harry Potter fans will relate...)
HAHAH the Hmong kids at the hotel made me laugh, good one, dad!! I am very glad you went to his homecoming. I was thinking about you all day. I am glad you made it safely. And only a little jealous that you got to hug him. No big deal, I’ll get over it. :)

PLEASE GO OUT TO EAT WITH THE B's!! I LOVE MY COMP, AND IT WOULD BE SO FUN FOR US IF YOU GUYS WENT OUT (preferably before transfers... who knows what is going to happen.) I think that if I keep telling president how well we work together, then it is more likely that we’ll stay together, haha. But seriously, they sound like fun, happy people.

Mom, to answer your questions. — No, we stopped teaching B. He’s kinda a jerk. That’s what happens when you investigate a church for your girlfriend and then she dumps you. We were dumped as well, and he’s just gone downhill. He wears a lip ring. Gross. He’ll come around sometime though.

We actually got the fridge fixed TODAY! So we went 4 weeks or so without one. It’s nice to be able to eat cheese and meat and yogurt again. Man, you really don’t realize how lucky you have it until you don’t have it!

And... our temple trip went very well. We were able to do a session, since it was with the mission, and not only with the ward. So that was fantastic. I had a nice time just chilling in the air conditioned temple. Felt all sorts of chills, haha.

Thanks for your words at the end of the email, mom. You are super great. I just love you so stinkin much. Dad, too, but he didn’t write anything, except I did laugh about his poor dentist trip. (He loves the dentist visits -- NOT!) Speaking of dentist trips, I don’t feel like I have any cavities yet, I am taking good care of my teeth. :) yay!!

Ok, now I have a few things to tell you about this week. Not too much, but it sufficeth me. Hahah, sometimes I think in scripture; makes me feel special. haha

Ok for reals. — So I am sorry that I cannot send pictures, my computer is a super old one, and it doesn’t want to read my card, so they will have to wait; although I have some super epic ones. Man this week was a good one. All adventures that really need pictures. Oh well, get over it–  haha

The temple trip was this week, and I am so glad that we live close to the temple. It is such a blessing. I just love it. I love being on the outside, just about as much as the inside, except the inside has air conditioning, like mentioned above. We went as missionaries, and all was well. Not much to say about that, except that I didn’t get to see anything new. The film was the same, darn. But I did find out that A and E are actually married in real life. One of the missionaries knows them. haha –  Apparently E had a missionary and she waited for him, and then met A and broke the engagement off. Imagine how awkward it is for the poor missionary to go to the temple!!! Poor guy.

So my black shoes have taken a beating here. They pretty much fell apart. But I couldn’t just throw them out, so I decided to sew them up!!! and they are working all good again. Man, I sure am cheap!

Hahaha–so the other day, me and Herm B thought it would be a good idea to pack a lunch and not come home to eat. So we had it all planned out. We made pasta, and put it in a bag, and then grabbed a banana and an apple. We went out at 10:30 like usual, and taught some lessons. Then we went contacting, and decided that it was time to eat. Since we’re on an island, we decided to go to the cliff side to eat. We found this really nice spot, with a lot of shade, but the only problem was that there were already 2 men sitting close by. They appeared to live there. They had their little hut, they had no shirt, and they carried around sticks with hooks on the end to get the coconuts off the trees... but we were desperate, so we sat down. I prayed for safety and we started eating our food. That didn’t last long, because we realized that our pasta was DISGUSTING! Apparently, our sauce that we used was moldy, due to the lack of fridge. It also tasted like banana, but at least we had our banana. WRONG! It was black and mushy, and wet. GROSS! We ate it anyways, seeing how we didn’t want to die from the pasta, nor from starvation. My apple was decent, but it was gone in 4 bites, just a tiny one :(but after realizing that we were probably going to starve, (also, we were out of money, so we couldn’t buy food.)  one of these indigenous men walks next to us with this hook stick thing, and knocks two coconuts off the tree and grunts, and then gives then to us... how nice. WE’D LIVE AFTER ALL. One problem, they were not opened, neither of us had a machete; darn. We decided to just chill and watch the ocean. And then we look over to the hut, and this same indigenous man is holding up an OPENED coco! So he comes over and trades us – 2 for 2. He was seriously the nicest indigenous man I have ever met. Could be the only one, too!! But as we were sitting there, this random man who had been watching us from other cliffs, comes up to us and asks us if he can take a picture of us... um... yes? So we smiled and that was that; super awkward. Then he went on his merry way. huh. He’ll probably sell that picture. I mean, we’re white girls. He could make bank. Hahah, kidding. Anyways, we tried to drink the coco, but then realized it tasted like pee, so we stopped and pretended. We sat for another half hour and then headed out. But as we were leaving, we look over to the shirtless men. the one who gave us the cocos, looks at us, and holds up something in his hand, and then grunts again. So we walk over to him. He is holding some sort of nut, apparently from the coconut trees. They looked like elongated almonds and tasted like nothing, but we took them, and in exchange, gave him a nice picture of Jesus. He saved our life, we might as well save his, right? :) But yeah, that was sure an island adventure! Hopefully it made sense – good times. We’ll always be friends with that homeless man...

So A IS awesome. We love her way too much. She wants to get her patriarchal blessing, so... after her baptism she will. :) She’ll be baptized this week :) yahoo!!!

Um.... not much else happened. We worked hard, teaching people about the gospel, and got sunburned. I feel like I look super old now. It could be because I look homely, but people say the mission ages people. Man, that’s too bad. At least I’ll look great when I get resurrected!!!

But that is pretty much all. I hope you are all having a blast, and getting a lot of things done in your time. I love you all and think of you enough. Thank you for being such a support and a joy. I love telling people about you and telling my comp all about the fam bam. I love you guys!!! Keep being great!

Peace and blessings,

Hermana Erickson 1

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