Monday, June 2, 2014

#78 [Sabana Yegua - 14] June 2nd, 2014

Why hello there!!! :)

CONGRATS to JOSHY poo for graduating!! :) What a stud. :) Funny that no one wanted to go to his graduation. And Josh, no worries – I didn’t go to Lagoon day, either. Wanna know why? CUZ mom and dad made me go to Jeff's graduation. So... good to hear that for the other kids it was optional to go and sit through that boring ceremony. :) haha

But sounds like the week was good for y'all. My heart is heavy for Alice. I didn't even know she was sick. I am so sad to hear that she has departed from this life. But no worries, she is in a better place; with the Brady father (AIDS, right?) :/ Oh dear, Mom, you should've gotten a cake. There is always a reason to celebrate!!! :) Although death should not be one of them...

Head, CONGRATS for making your soccer team. I played today, but one is only as good as the team, and I was the only one who knew how to play. It was awful and pretty much gave me no hope to ever play again. Kinda depressing, but I am still gonna try. :)

Hmmm...ok; what happened this week to tell you? Let's see...we had a Zone meeting on Thursday, and we met the new mission pres. I really like them. They are filled with the spirit. I am pretty sad that I will not be able to work much with them, but I have a feeling they are going to spoil the missionaries leaving this transfer, so I am excited. :) haha

But anyways, Herm Brockman and I were super nervous because we thought we'd be testifying. I have thought that the last 3 conferences, but on Thursday, we actually did it!!! Along with Peck and the others. It was fun. I am sure people think I am really shy, cuz I talk really soft, but I don't really care. :) Anyways, that was good. :)

So there is a pandemic going on here. It's called the CHICUNGUYA virus. It's very dangerous, and probably more than 80% of the island has been affected, and many missionaries. It's transmitted from the same mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus. It makes you nauseous and throw-up and weak and dehydrated. Sounds like dengue, but it's Japanese. Luckily, no one in the house has gotten it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did. I don't know how to get away from it. A lot of our investigators have it, and being in the same house as them makes us more likely to be bitten by the mosquito that bit them. So...if I don't come home, it probably means I am dead from that virus. Oddly enough it kills more adults than babies; huh. Anyways, thought you would like to know.

Also, WATER came today!!! :) We hadn't had it for a few days, it was getting gross. And when I say that water came, I mean that our hose had water running so we were able to fill up our buckets to use that day. It usually comes once a day, in the mornings, and it came this morning, and we also had light!!! It was a miracle!! :) But yeah, we filled up our buckets and now we can shower "normally" and actually wash our dishes...

This is by far the grossest life I have ever lived.

So another miracle happened this week. Remember how me and my comp contacted for the entire day? Well, we got ZERO new investigators from that, which stinks hard core. All of our work...but the best thing is that God sees our effort and blesses us accordingly. So this week, we were able to find like, 10 new investigators that weren't from contacting. They just called us out or happened to be in the cita with us while we were teaching. It was a miracle. We couldn't see if they are going to progress, cuz they couldn't come to church (due to the virus and the rain), but they seem to be progressing. I love them all. :) It's a miracle.

Also, we have been SUPER obedient. Leaving exactly on time and working hard all the day, and God is sure blessing us with that. All these miracles makes me not want to come home (I thought I would never say it), but yeah. I just wanna stay here and work with these wonderful people. We also have some really great families that are not active in the church. But we are setting goals and such for them to progress. It's just sad to see people that were once so strong in the church fall away and become more hard, just like it says will happen in Alma 24:30 and again in Alma 47: 36. :)

Yay, for quoting scripture!!! I just love the scriptures. :)

Well, that is about all of this week!! I am super stoked to be here working :) I am super sad to be finishing, but then I can't imagine staying here longer. But, I can easily say, I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course, I have kept the faith :) (YAY!!! more scripture. :) haha)

But I hope you are all happy and well. I sure do love you all a lot :) Thanks for helping me through this mission, it's been a dream, and I couldn't have done it without you. :) So thanks, :) you're all the best. :) :) :)

Well, have a great week! Talk to you in a week! :)

Until then,

Hermana Erickson #1 :)

Zone meeting with new mission pres. & wife -- May 28th, 2014

Making 5 lbs. of spaghetti for a zone activity this morning.

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