Monday, June 9, 2014

#79 [Sabana Yegua - 15] June 9th, 2014


A palm leaf on the church grounds
Wow, that was a nice, long, but kinda boring email :) I appreciate all that you said though :)

I am excited to see the house and the people inside of it :)

Jakey, glad you had fun at Clear Creek, and I hope Head has fun at EFY and doesn't kiss too many boys!!! :) :) hahahah

Congrats to John and Rachel and also to Krispen and Jess :) Families are great. I sure love mine. :)

So this week was fine. Nothing really happened. Like, we had some lessons, taught some people, we had ward conference this Sunday, and it was the best church I've been to in a long time. :)

I heard that 70% of the island will end up getting the virus. I think I'll be in the 30% that don’t. Perhaps I will get it and then bring it to the states and it will really be a giant mess. huh.

Dad, happy Father's Day on Sunday!!! I have a gift for you, but it'll come on the 18th :) hehe

Well, that is about all. Nothing really exciting. Just missionary work, but I sure do love it. Sometimes it's tough, but it has grown on me quite a lot :)

Thanks for supporting me this entire time. Thanks for your emails. Thanks for your dedication every week. Thanks for raising me well and helping me get out here.

I am super sad that my time is pretty much up. I have thought about my mission my entire life. Ever since I was a wee lass I’ve thought about it, and now it's almost over. What will I look forward to now? marriage? kids? grand kids? I don't even know. I have never prepared for something so much, and then live it, and have it be over in a heartbeat. It's a weird feeling and I don't like it. I feel like it'll be the same type of feeling when I die. But I dunno, I have never experienced it.

Ugh. I wish I could just transport back and forth between life and the mission, cuz it's super sad to have to leave it all behind. Only to visit every once in a while, and not even to preach. :) Like, I am super stoked to come home, not gonna lie, but I am going to miss this WAY too much. Normal life sounds so boring, plus, Riss won't even be there. Oh well, life goes on!!! —which stinks!

I am still working hard, but the members here are on the countdown, which makes it difficult. I am not counting down, or trying to think about it. Therefore, I will probably be super awkward around people cuz I will probably be in shock. It took me about a year to realize that I was a legit missionary and that I was living my dream, so I expect it to take me about a year to get back into the normal life, hahah.

Anyways, I feel really blessed to be a part of God's army. It's been pure bliss. Sure, it's had its hard times, days when I wanted to quit, but overall, it's been great. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to come to this beautiful place. I love the people here. I hope I am super rich one day so I can come back "all the times!!!" :)

Well, I am going to go, since nothing happened this week. Thanks for everything. Get your paper chain countdown up, cuz I won't have one :) Love you all so much!!!

I am nervous for transfers this week. I have a feeling that I am going to leave this place. And I hope I am emotionally prepared–haha, I am so funny :)

Love you all!!! :) Peace out my family!! Talk to you next week :) :) :)

Giant empanadas today for p-day.

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