Friday, May 30, 2014

#77 [Sabana Yegua - 13] May 26th, 2014

PIG head for sale--anyone?
Wow overload with questions!! I got my new flight plans for the 18th of June at 8:15 in the morning I think. I can forward the email I got. I should get one more chance to go to the temple. Maybe two more names would be cool to do, since I'll be going with the other missionaries that will be coming. :)

And the new MP came on the 23rd. We don't know anything about him really, but he speaks in English and we have a Zone conference on Thursday. This time for sure I will be giving my testimony.

Also, one more update, the short transfer IS happening, so that's good news. :)

I am happy to hear that dad and Jakey had a fun time on the campout and that the food was better ;)

Joshy, congrats on graduating!!! Don't do anything stupid in this next week to make it so you can’t!

I am glad that Jeff is having a good time in China!

Wait, so Grandma Farley is gonna be moving? Who will have the other house? Krispen?

Anyways, I think that is about all of your letter :) I already sent a few pictures on about this week. It has been a decent week I guess. Here is the update.

On Monday night, we found out who would be living with us (Hermana Peck's comp) and it made me SUPER EXCITED! :) It's........ HERMANA BROCKMAN!!! Does that name ring a bell? It should ring a small one cuz it was so long ago that she was mentioned, :) but she and I were MTC comps for a day before I got changed to the upper class :) fun, eh? – Yeah, so we are living in the same house for a few more weeks and then we are going home together. :) I am super excited. She is a great missionary and we are good friends, so it's been a fun time. :) I thought that her family was going to pick her up here, but then it is not happening, so... yeah!!! We are going to fly home together, maybe. Actually, I don't know cuz she is flying in to Vegas, and I don't know if I am... well, either way, we'll be leaving Sabana Yegua together. She felt a little weird being transferred cuz it’s only for a month, but God knows best. :)

Remember that pink sheet I brought? Well, I had someone make me three skirts from it :) she did them in one day :)
Another thing that I decided to do was to make a skirt out of the sheet I brought, which was fun. Ok, I didn't make it. There is a lady in our rama that is pretty poor, so I had her mom make it and I paid her for it. She made three skirts out of it; not quite grandma quality, but still nice :)

Also, on Saturday, me and my comp decided to contact the entire day. Yep, we were on our feet for 6 hours in the sun. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be, but it was pretty bad, and to make it worse, we only got like, 4 return citas. Darn, that really stinks cuz we have about 4 investigators and they are not really progressing. This area is TOUGH. It's not the best thing in the world, but I somehow love being here.

The rest of the week went by slow, as the first week of the transfer usually does, but that's ok. I am glad it's going slow, cuz I am really going to miss being a missionary. The time is going by fast, but slow.

Anyways...yeah, That's my mission life. One more highlight would include:

H__ getting the priesthood!! :) yay! And that's all. This week has been not very high-lighty.

Well, I love you all!!! Have a great week! Enjoy these last weeks of silence and peace :) hehehe, kidding :)

Keep reading your scriptures, and cleaning the house. :) Sorry about the SUPER lame email.

All my love :)

-Hermana Erickson :)

New area to work in...where is everyone?

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