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#25 [Azua - 21] May 27th, 2013


It was Mother's Day in the DR. Thought about calling again, and then decided that I probably shouldn’t. So I didn’t. Darn. I imagined it though! and it was great. hahah

But thank you for the update. Congrats to KaLynn for graduating. Too bad it was from SF.. but still, a graduation is a graduation.. kinda, hahah. I hope that Steven is feeling better. I heard that is painful. I don’t know though. I don’t have much of a background in Spinal fluid.. but nonetheless, I hope he is doing better. Send my.. not love, but hellos.

I am glad that you got to meet with Herm. Hurlburt’s parents. 

Oh wow. This week was pretty lame. Nothing really happened. Just work. Here goes nothing.

I started reading the New Testament in Spanish. I plan on finishing it.. within the upcoming month. We’ll see though. It’s interesting, and it helped that I read Jesus the Christ in English, because I can tell what the stories are. It’ll be interesting when I get to Acts and all that jazz.... hmm. Good thing I have the spirit with me when I study, right?

Man, the mornings are tough – it’s allergy season I think, and I wake up and sneeze and sneeze. I hope it doesn’t last. I have come to the conclusion that water is the cure-all. I just drink a lot of it, and then I feel better. It’s much cheaper than medication, too. :) not quite free, but it’s gotta be good!

I got a few letters this week. It was a nice change, I haven’t gotten any for a while. They were from Elder Peterson, and Michelle Durrant. I love her!!! Ah, I miss her and I can’t wait to write to her. Tell her thanks if you ever get the chance. I am going to write her back today. As well as Brent.

We had Zone conference on Thursday.

I saw a couple more things that were dead this week, but I could only do Book of Mormon comparisons with one of them. So I will send that picture. It’s of a toad. The other dead thing we saw was an old man. Yes, luckily, he was in a casket. I haven’t seen a dead person in a LOOONG time, and it would’ve been nice to go even longer. But it was interesting to see the casket. It was a normal one, but for the viewing, they had it completely shut. Except for a little window for the face. So I could see this old man’s dead face... it was eerie. I thought about taking a picture. I don’t think it would’ve been disrespectful, because this other guy had out his camera phone and stood over the window thing and took a few pictures for himself. I don’t know why ANYONE would want a picture of a dead guy on their phone. It wouldn’t be a happy background picture...

Speaking of dead people, we have a temple trip that we’ve been planning coming up on the 15th. The day after Jacob Smith is supposed to come home. The trip is only for the recent converts, and so we are stoked about it. The only way that the missionaries can go though, is if we help them find a name to take to the temple; which is SUPER HARD, goodness. They don’t know who their parents are, or anything. We can for sure go though because Carlos had a 9 year old son die 3 years ago, and so we can easily get his work done, I think. But I already asked dad if there are any names that I could take from the family. Just cuz H. Hurlburt has NONE of hers done, and so she’s taking hers. I think it would be cool.

So on.. Friday, we had a member come with us all day long. Her name is Angela. She’s the one that is 14 and just got baptized. She LOVES coming with us, and she is such a good help. It’s weird to think that she is the same age as Heather, but then it shows that anyone can do missionary work. She is just so excited about it. I will send a pic of her. But she’s great, I am glad that she came ALL DAY with us. She wants to come everyday with us. She’s coming tonight as well. Wow, such zeal for the work!

And then, on Saturday, something cool almost happened. K... came back from the capital, and he asked if he could just be baptized that night. So we had to call a bunch of people, and we had it all set up so we could, and then the mission president said NO! Wanna know why? Because they didn’t announce it in church, and that is the main reason. Dumb, huh!? Especially because even when we do announce it, not many people show up...  so he didn’t get baptized spontaneously, sadly. But on the bright side, he is coing back on Saturday, and we announced it on Sunday. So that means that I will have another baptism. :) and he counts as mine because –  1. we found him, 2. he doesn’t live in our area (Azua at all - he’s moving to the capital and just wanted to get baptized here.) and, 3. I have been teaching him the longest. So yeah, K... is FINALLY  getting baptized. It́s great because he is SO ready. He has been since February. He finished the BOM the other day, and started over. Now he is in 2 Nefi. Crazy that boy. I think he’ll serve a mission someday. But man, I am stoked for him to be a member.

I finished my journal yesterday – 2 down, 4 to go! crazy. I have been writing in it daily. And I got Herm H. in the habit, too.

The work is kinda at a stand-still at the moment. I guess it’s progressing, but not fast. We’re still working with T..., he wants to get baptized SO BAD. And he’s talked to the judge about getting married, and his wife is ok with it, and man, he is so ready. I just have a feeling that I won’t be here to see it, which is pretty sad. Unless he gets married in the next 2 weeks. I think I will get transferred. I hope I do. I love it here, but I feel like I have been here too long. I wanna explore. But I will go where I am needed. :)

That is about all of the news that I can come up with. Not much happened, like I said. We don’t have any baptismal dates because they never come to church. The people that we were excited about last week didn’t come, and it is annoying. I love them, and they don’t love the gospel. Tough life here in the DR, but we do what we can.

Another guy told me I was fat.

Well, I guess I will end on that happy note, haha! I am probably getting fat. But, I will “get my rear in gear”- mom.

I love you all and love you more everyday. Thank you for being such good people, and being active in the church. Thanks for the environment you set up at home. Keep doing the small things. They make a BIG difference! Love you to the moon and back!! To infinity and beyond!! :)

ox ox ox
- Hermana Erickson 1

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