Thursday, May 23, 2013

#23 [Azua - 19] May 13th, 2013

Wow. I love hearing about the ducks. :) inspiring indeed :) I love your random updates :) so many smiley faces :)

And, congratulations to DAD for WINNING so many things. Proud moment for me :) well done. I approve. hahahah, four iPads and a tablet, but who's counting?! :)

I hope everything goes well with Jacob singing. What a neat experience. Gregg Olsen came to the MTC and talked to us there. Make sure to take pictures and send them to me - I would love to see them family. I love pictures.



So this week was pretty good. I honestly don't remember it much... but I do know that a lot of good things happened - I think. I can't really focus because I am surrounded by the herms Skyping, and they are like, yelling into the speaker, but I will do my best.

I have had my paper chain up, and now that Mother's Day has passed, it looks so barren. So sad. But I guess I should make a chain for Christmas, eh? hahahah, no. Seven months is a little too long to make a chain for.

Oh, last week, you talked about going to Kelton's Homecoming. I would love to have you all go and support him. That would be wonderful if you could record it, dad. Is that even legal?! But you can give him gifts, too :) hahaha, but yeah.

OH!, so you know that Riss gave me a message on the phone, it would be cool if you could transcribe that, so I can read it. I really miss Riss. I didn't know I would miss her this much. Or you all. But whatever. So does it feel like we're still at school? Because last night on the phone, I was thinking about when we'd talk to Jeff. And how his time flew by, because he'd gone to school earlier, and was always at work, and whatnot. So it's probably like that, huh?

Ok. So the EGGPLANT – man. There is a story behind it. So we went to A...'s house, and he always gives us a bunch of fruit, like you know. So we go to his house, try to teach him the law of chastity, and it worked out really well. I think the three of them understood. But anyways, we were leaving, and they were like, "you want a coconut?!" and we were like, "we really should go - our next cita started – 15 minutes ago. :)" So we tried leaving, and they get out their machete, and chop it open and I drank out of a coconut, and hated it. It was not... very sweet. Herm. Hurlburt chugged it down, and that was a shocker, but then they cut it open more and made us eat the fruit, and it was gross. It had the texture of a squid-------and it was gross. So we decided to - pawn it off to some poorer people - namely M... And so we give her the coconut, and then she's like, "Hey, my brother wanted you to have these!" and she grabs a bag - which had a cantaloupe and then 3 giant eggplants! AH! HUGE! SO, as we walked home, we gave one of them to a nice lady who randomly wanted us to teach her and her kids, so we will. But yeah, we try to give fruit away, and they replace it with even bigger fruit!! It's great.

I feel like that is all that I have done. I feel like I have told you most everything - I will let you go and write you in a few hours. I love you all, and miss you all super a lot. I hope you are all well. Just so you know, I feel super blessed to be a part of the fam-bam, Erickson clan :)

Love you forever,
Hermana Erickson

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