Thursday, May 23, 2013

#24 [Azua – 20] May 20th, 2013

Hello!!! MY dearly beloved family!!!

You all sure wrote a lot!! Thank you for that!!

So one thing that is totally bugging me is that my English is going down the drain. It bugs me when I spell things wrong, and I feel like my vocabulary is that of a 4th grader. It's annoying - just thought I would let you know, haha.

Anyways, much to talk about this week, but first - your letter that you emailed to me. :)

God is so aware of everyone - it's so great to have someone looking out for us 24/7.

So it's Shelby getting married?! How happy. I approve of that one. Tell her congrats if you see her, and Madeline too. I still need a picture :) 

Josh, working?!?!?!?!? will he be able to do that?!?! haha, kidding. Good for him. I could see him working there. I hope he gets the job.

I can't believe the school year is over!! The mission really distorts time. I feel like their school year can't be over until my mission is done, it's unreal. ALMOST summer for them. I feel like you should all still have snow at home, since that is how I left it haha. I forget that just because I left, doesn't mean that time stops. It keeps going on – super weird.

I WANNA READ DAD'S JOURNALS!!!!! I remember trying to, and once he caught me and Riss (we also tried to read mom's) and we got in trouble. So... I thought they were off-limits. I am definitely reading them in... 13 months :) that would be fun to see how dad was while you were dating!! :)

Cole will be a good missionary. Speaking of missionaries, how are the Farley missionaries?!

We had an "activity" on Friday, and they announced that Frances died. I almost cried. It makes me sad to think that Pres. Monson will die... but I am trying not to think about it.

Ok. Well, I think I will tell you all about my week now. Ready,? if not, spend a few minutes getting pumped up :)

So we've been chillin in the house, us four American sisters, and it's great. I have been getting to know Herm. P. better. She is from Melba..? Idaho!!! and I told her about Riss, and she was like, "oh, THAT'S your sister?! I've heard about her!!" Yes, that's right. Riss left a legacy behind for being the only white person in the Latino group. Well done. You have raised more than one champion (the other being me :) and the other 4 are the other siblings. We all rock. You did really well raising us, if I do say so myself, haha.)

In our area this week, we found a lot of random, kinda gross things. So I took pictures for you to enjoy :) I am sure you can tell what they are. But just in case, I will let you know.
    •    One is a spider. Found by A...'s house. He stepped on it to kill it, which I find disgusting.
    •    One is an eel's tail. It was just sitting by the little stream of water, where we go and teach an investigator... smelled like FIIIIISH - for lunch, ha hah, Mimisiku.
    •    the third one is of a skinned dog...
    •    and then we found this bird thing right at the bottom of our stairs today. What a treat!!

Ok so in reality, nothing really huge happened this week. Except we had companion exchanges, but we went out as a trio because H. H. couldn't talk to her by herself or something... I learned a few things, mainly words.

On a happier note, on Thursday, we found a family!! S... and R... They have 3 kids, and we were just walking to an appointment, and the husband stopped. us. We had seen the wife almost everyday, as we pass the place where she works daily, and we always wave, and she's nice. But I have a testimony of just waving and smiling. I try to tell everyone hello, because I think it could be how they become interested. :) But anyways, they had us stop by, after we talked about the restoration, and rocked it. Or, the spirit rocked it. It went REALLY WELL. :) We went back last night, and it was cool because they live kinda out in the boonies, and so we walked in the mud and got there, and they stopped everything they were doing and sat down, ALL TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. That has NEVER happened to me since I've been here. But they all sat down and paid attention and asked questions, and man, it felt so great. We gave them a BOM and I showed them a pic of the fam (which EVERYONE - even the white people I show it to - says that we look like the perfect family, so that's flattering.) But I told them how we used to do study in the morning, and our family is more close now. But a few minutes before we were going to end, it started down pouring - big time, and they wouldn't let us leave. I think the people here think the rain has like acid in it or something. They freak out when it rains. The streets are desolate!!! But wow, so we stayed, and they let us see how they make spaghetti, and I got the recipe. I'll make it for you all in a few months, :) but they were so nice to us, and they were so excited for us to come back. I still don’t know if they will progress, but I feel good about them :)

Another big thing that happened: A... AND C... GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!

That's right. My first baptism. :) They were so stoked, they arrived at the chapel at 4:15, and it started at 6! Good thing that we were there. We were there because we had to fill up the font. Which still had water in it from 2 weeks ago - the drain doesn’t do its job :/ gross. So we used buckets to extract the water, and it was tough work. Then we used toilet paper to clean it. They better have appreciated it!, because it took a lot of energy. But the baptism was really special. C... almost cried, and A... just has a super deep, intimidating voice, and he almost cried, too. He's so close to the spirit. They were so prepared. I am so grateful that I followed the prompting I got on March 30th to stop and talk to a random guy reading a Bible. :) I feel very blessed.

And that was pretty much the gist of the week. It was SUPER long, probably the longest one I have ever had in the field, but it was worth it – because we got to eat cake. Also, we had a baptism :) which is more important.

But man. What a great blessing to be in the Vineyard of the Lord. I get to take care of this little piece of paradise, and I feel so lucky to be entrusted with it. Thank you for letting me be here. Thank you for raising me to want to serve. I love you all and pray for you daily. I think of you just enough to not get trunky :) I love you and I love Jesus :)

Have a wonderful week full of health!! :)

ox ox ox
-Hermana Erickson 1

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