Monday, June 3, 2013

#26 [Azua - 22] June 3rd, 2013

Hello family!!! Thank you for your wonderful update about this last week! It made me laugh a whole lot. I love you all. I am so glad that we have such a sturdy relationship :) I am so blessed.

Ok, here goes the whole "replying to your email thing."

I am glad that you had the ward campout - Father & Son's outing. Sounds really great. I am sorry that you slept on a rock, dad, but happy that you got some sleep.

SO, do you want me to send you a package? Because Elder Reeder goes home in.. 15 days, and he mentioned that he has a lot of room in his suitcases because he is practically leaving everything here, and offered to take some stuff home for us. SO: that is a possibility. I could very well get you a key chain. Did Riss send you a package home then?

DID BROTHER RICHARDSON REALLY SAY THAT?! Oh man. I would be so happy. Especially if he mentioned the part about Rachel being beautiful and well-favored. Definitely a good scripture. ;) hahaha, but seriously.

I hope that Josh got his job. Keep me posted on that. Oh speaking of keeping me posted. Thank you for letting me know about all of my friends getting married!! goodness. Sally Marsh? Oh man. So many people that used to be single. I think I could be the only one single when I get back, and then Lou will return and we will be single together. I hope she is doing well. I wrote her a letter a while back, and wonder if she ever got it... who knows!!!

I never knew Grandpa had that cancer under his arms. In reality, I didn’t know a lot about him or grandma. I like to hear their stories. We should do another FHE with them when they just tell us all about their life. Or, you could do a project and do a biography. That would be nice. :) do you think you will have a biography done for you when you are older? That would be fun. That is one of the main reasons why I keep a journal. So when I am super famous, I can sell it and make millions. Get excited. I plan on being real famous, for something. :)

I am making 2 CDs of my pictures so far. Is that ok? I will probably send them with Elder Reeder. I trust him more than I trust the mail system. I will update you for sure. I am pretty sure that is the plan.

Dad, you mentioned that you are "still proud" of us. Thank you. I hope you will continue to still be proud :) haha

Mom, about the weeding. There are SO MANY WEEDS here, and I want to pull them and do a service project for the people, but I know it will be more effort than it is probably worth. No one takes care of their grass. They do, however, sweep their dirt, but they don’t pull weeds. It’s interesting, but it’s Dominican!!! Crazy Dominicans (I say that probably once a week, possibly once a day, haha.)

Michelle C. Durrant mentioned a really good book to read. Sadly, I can’t remember it... you could ask her, and she could tell you about it. I hear she loves it, and it seems really cool. It’s all churchy, so you would like it.

Well that is pretty much the gist of your emails, therefore, get really excited to indulge in my life. :)

Wow, what a week! Actually, let me rephrase that. WOW! what a weekend!!

This week was quite normal. It flew by, and I don’t know why, because we were super excited for the weekend, and it seems that when one is excited about the weekend, the week DRAGS on. But no, this was different. Thank goodness.

Just a quick recap of everything until Saturday. We put fechas with two people, who happen to be A... and C...'s friends, so they will for sure be getting baptized, possibly by them. They are scheduled for the 15th, right before transfers. So I hope that I will get to see them baptized. But in order for that to happen, T... needs to get married, so we are praying that he can get the judge all ready. I have never met a man more anxious to get baptized. Wow, what a stud. And it’s funny to call him a stud, because it sounds like stub, and he has 2 extra fingers, which are stubs. haha that was my whole thought process about that.. wow I am tired! but yeah, super excited about them.

Annnnndddd. That is all until Saturday.

Saturday, June 1st. We had a pretty normal day. We bought cake because on Sunday it was Matteson’s birthday, and so we bought a cake, and decorated the house while she was getting the font filled up for K...’s baptism. Then, we went to the baptism, and K... FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED! And wow, it was probably one of the most spiritual things in the world. Wow. He was so happy. I am so glad that I got to be there for it. I feel bad for Herm. Gamez, because she couldn’t be there to see it, but to make her feel happy, we all wore her clothes. She left a lot of clothes in a bag, and so we wore those to the baptism. Hahah, a lot of people called me fat, and so I used the excuse that it was muscle... um yep. But yeah, we took some pictures, so I will send those.

Also, with his baptism, he had me speak/testify, and I ALMOST cried. Then, we had a little activity after, and he got up and shared his testimony, and just told me how grateful and thankful (which technically mean the same thing) he was for me and it was really precious. I will never forget that.

I felt really great with A... and C..., but with K..., we got really close. Me and A... and C... are close, and same with T..., but us, H.G. & I, and K... were super close. Also, we had to work hard for him. Ah man. Being a missionary is just the greatest. I love it. I really can't believe that I am almost a third of the way done; time flies sometimes.

Ok. So that was pretty much Saturday. We ended up eating 2 cakes on Saturday. Then on Sunday, it was fast Sunday, so we didn’t eat until lunch. And we had made a cake the night before, so when we broke our fast, all we did was (ok, now don’t judge these next sentences.) cut it into fourths, and each eat a corner. We broke our fast with chocolate cake. Then, we had a meeting for Family History, we got some names for the temple trip, which is on the 15th, and got names for C... and A.... So exciting! Then, we had the missionary meeting, and the elders made a cake, so we ate some more chocolate cake. They also had cookies. Yummy! We went and taught a family about the proclamation, and then went and made a scone'nut because H. Matteson has doughnuts for EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY, so we decided to keep the tradition up. We got her to cry – mission accomplished, haha. But anyways, at night, we had 2 more people bring cakes. One was chocolate, and the other was an arepa, which is like a 25 pound cake, and it’s kinda like banana bread, but not as good. So...all we ate yesterday was cake and cookies.

For breakfast, we had leftover cake.

But yeah! That is pretty much how my week went. I feel so honored to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I  love this gospel and the peace and joy I feel when I talk about it. I get so excited for each day, because you never know who you are going to run into, it is a new adventure every day. Even though we do the same thing daily, it’s so different. I love this church. I want everyone to receive the blessings from being part of it. I have seen it change people’s lives. It is so sad to see people reject it, because they really don’t know what they are missing. I can’t imagine my life without the church. Without the knowledge that we are an eternal family.

I hope you have a great week. Just so you know, I now have 3 baptisms, and hopefully at least 5 by the time I leave dear Azua... but, who’s counting. Oh right, Jeff is, haha. Please tell him, ̈hi, pal.̈

Love you all super a lot. The church is true!!!

With loads of love from the DR,
Hermana Erickson 1

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