Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#28 [Azua - 24] June 17th, 2013

That really is terrible news about Little House on the Prairie. I guess we just need to buy ALL OF THE EPISODES!!! Yes, I went there. Look into that! That show is just too good to be forgotten. A lot of my valuable life-learned lessons were learned from that show. For example: don't smoke, because you will catch the barn on fire and kill your blind sister's first child. You just don't do that! hahaah – But really, probably buy them.

Awesome that Sister O's daughter is getting married!! How happy. I am excited for them; yay!! and Shayli J. I want an invitation from her. :)

Congrats on winning dad, I knew you could do it!! –Never fail to disappoint. If you keep that up, we won't run out of money!!

Heather, you should tell me all about efy :)

I sent a Father's Day card to you (or rather, I sent it with Reeder, which he will send to you, so you should get it within a week.)

Missionaries serving in Azua
Also, thank you for the laughs, dad. You always make me laugh multiple times. I love it. Also, I remember the Hats Monkeys story. I was actually thinking about it about 3 days ago... I will NEVER forget that. "Hats for sale, hats for sale!!" Oh Derek... hahahah

I haven't received the package yet, but I am looking forward to it. Also, I am going to start my no sugar thing, so wish me luck. The longest I have been without sugar is like...maybe 17 hours, and 8 of those are me sleeping. It's gonna be tough, but I know that God can help me :) haha. Wish me luck.

Well, this week was pretty great. Nothing really interesting happened. We did end up going to the temple. We got to take our recent converts, and they all loved it. They were able to do baptisms. They have to wait a year to take out their endowments. We were able to hand out towels, and man, we sure handed out towels. In fact, me and Herm Hurlburt were there for 4 hours, passing out towels, because they needed help, and the people kept shuffling in. It was a different experience in the temple. But I could still feel the spirit. It's interesting to see people do baptisms for the first time... hahah. The Dominican people are great. I love them. I have grown so attached to this country. I will never move here, so no worries, but I sure do love the people. And they love me. Possibly cuz I am American.

But the temple was a great experience for everyone. I am glad that I was able to see all of the converts get baptized. The spirit was so strong, and I could just feel it. Ah man. It's been a long time since I have done baptisms, but I sure do love it. We didn't get to do them, but whate'er.

Transfers were this weekend, too. To continue with the tradition, we had a fire on the rooftop, and had mallows and hotdogs. They didn't call us until 10:30, but turns out that I am leaving! I figured that one out a long time ago. Also, Hurlburt is leaving, and getting a native, which will be very good for her. I am getting another American. I don't think my Spanish will improve much if I keep getting these Americans, but whatever!!! God knows best! I am going to Independencia, which is in the capital, and I am kinda excited. I love the campo, and I am going to miss Azua a lot. I went around and said bye to a few people. A couple were really sad. When I come back, I will have to visit them. I love Azua.

Well nothing else really happened this week... not that I remember. It was probably a normal week. We actually had more success than the last three weeks, maybe combined. We've been in a drought when it comes to finding people and all that jazz, known as missionary work. Oh, we haven't had water for about a week. We even ran out of our reserves. So we're in a real drought, too.

I know I am doing what is right for me, and I am loving it. Speaking of that, we went to McDonald's while we were in the capital.

Anyways, this is the work of God, and I am so glad to be in His Army. I am glad to be in the same army as Riss. I love her. I am so happy that she is serving. She's such an inspiration to me.

love you 4eva!!

-Hermana Erickson 1

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