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#18 [Azua - 14] April 8th, 2013

Sounds like you are all having a fun time in Hawaii! But thank you for the update!! :) I am having a good time on my island, too. In case you were wondering :) haha

Oh! I LOVED conference!! Oh my goodness. It was all in Spanish, but I think I got some good stuff out of it. Even if I didn’t totally understand, I still felt the spirit pretty strong. I freaked out when they announced the CEDAR CITY temple!! We have been hearing rumors about a temple down there for quite some time. I am stoked about it. Also, there was a 70 announced that sounded like Jeffrey A. Erickson. (Not totally sure, because A and K sound the same in Spanish almost, and it might not even be the same name, but it made me laugh.) I am excited to get the Liahona - so I can compare my notes to the actual talks. I bet there are some that I wrote down that had nothing to do with the actual talk haha. But I am looking forward to reading them. :)

Ok, there are two things that I really liked about conference that I want to talk about. Neil A. Anderson talked about sharing the gospel and how there is always an opportunity to share the gospel. And I didn’t think I could’ve when I was home (or I just didn’t want to), but I want to challenge all of you, mom and dad especially, to try to share the gospel. Even if it is just by an email or facebook, just share it. There is nothing to lose. The people who don’t have the gospel have everything at stake, and if they don’t learn, they can't get salvation. So... it’s our job to share the light and truth that we know and have been blessed with.

Also, a lady quoted Pres. Monson about the POW who only had 25 words to say to his family after not talking to them for 2 years. I want to know what you all would say. Maybe you could do it for a FHE or something. Come up with something clever. BUT I WANT YOU TO REPORT BACK ABOUT THIS AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ALL SAY – If it were to the family, and you were the one in the POW camp. Make sense? Good.

One random thought. I have been wearing my pedometer around constantly for the last 3 months and then on Sunday it stopped working, so sad. I think the battery ran out. I will have to look for another one here. I don’t know where I could find it, but I will look. It is a LR43 maxell. and about smartie size, but yeah, gotta find me one of those.

Last Monday, we played soccer, right? and I got sunburned! So I sent a pic of my new tan. It is pretty bad, but I look... not white!! :)

But back to your letter - mainly because nothing really cool happened this week.
I am glad that you heard from Riss. I still have not. Apparently she left a letter for me, and I don’t know if the elders are going to find it. So...we'll see. Also, the vitamins are still MIA, but whate’er.

Dex is going to Iowa?! That is where Brent is serving. I just got a letter from him, so happy.

It’s weird to think that all of my school guy friends are going to be coming home in the next few months. I got a letter from Ryan Lesser, and he only has 3 months left. Probably 2 now, by the time I got the letter, but wow!!!

I celebrate my 4 months this week. I don’t know if we’ll do anything. I will probably eat a lot of food. Like I have been lately.

The Work here is moving along. We invited everyone we met to conference. We even invited a pastor to come, and gave him an invite, but no one really came. So sad. We had ONE person come that we have been teaching, and she is a less-active. She saw session one, where they talked about the importance of the sacrament, so that was good :) but we even passed by the others and tried to get them to come, even calling them, right before, but no, no soap. WHY DON’T PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH!?!?!? It drives me absolutely nuts. They understand the importance, and that they need to come, but they just don’t. It makes me feel like I am just wasting my time, because if they don’t come to church, they can’t get baptized, and that is our sole purpose - invite them to be baptized. So technically, we’re not failing, they are. We are inviting super a lot – they just don’t follow through.

Although we have been teaching a family for a long time, G... and J. They haven’t ever come to church, and they never read the pamphlets, but the other day, we gave them a BOM, and they have been reading that. I really hope they progress. They are very special. They already feel Mormon, so that is good sign.

Herm H’s wallet got stolen the other night. I guess she set it on the counter, and we paid and then turned to find it, and it was gone. I have been lucky to not have any thief problems.

Training is fun. I enjoy it. But it is hard. She relies on me so much, and it makes me rely on the spirit so much more. Because a lot of times, as I have been teaching lately, I just speak, and I have no idea what I am saying, or even how I am saying it. So I probably have a shocked face as I speak, but I know it’s the spirit. I definitely cannot do this on my own. That is the biggest thing I have learned from training. We don’t clash totally, just a little. I am trying to help her have fun. She admitted to me before that she probably doesn’t let herself have fun, so I said to myself, "challenge accepted," and I am going to help her with that :) I am excited. She’s been learning a lot of Spanish. She has an edge on me because she looks like she can speak. People still don’t totally believe me when I tell them I speak, but they believe her. She also noticed how I get more attention because I look American, but whatever, no big deal.

Remember A...? Well, we committed him to baptism. He finally accepted a date. This was one of the lessons that I was just speaking, and it was all making so much sense, and it just clicked. He has never accepted a date before, so we are working with him a lot. I just want him to be baptized. He means a lot to us.

We had a great Zone meeting on Friday. We talked about consecration and such, and how we need to consecrate ourselves to the work. I have been trying to do that, but I can’t think of anything more to do. It’s frustrating. Do you know of any good talks about it, or any ideas?

Heather - I remember when I swallowed my first Advil. I was probably your age, and I had just as hard of a time as you did. Mom and dad, do you remember? We were at a ward campout :) haha, good times.

Is Hawaiian shaved ice better in Hawaii?

But just so you know, I have been thinking of you all a lot lately. I hope you are having a lot of fun. I love you all, and I miss you lots :) I am reminded every day of the blessing of eternal families.

I am hoping that we can all talk on Mother’s Day - in 34 days. I wanna make a chain. I am stoked beyond belief, but just beware - I might just cry the whole time. This mission thing has made me emotional. But I love you. I have to go now, my time is up. Thank you for loving me and accepting me for being weird and telling you random stuff about the mission.

Oh PS, Herm G didn’t have an ameoba. She was feeling sick the other day, right before conference, so she had to go to the capital and it turns out that she has 2 parasites, a urinary infection, and a kidney infection... so... yep!!! But she and her comp missed conference, sadly. But at least she is feeling better.

Anywho... I love you to the moon and back. :) Have a blast in Hawaii!!! be safe!!! :)
ox ox ox :)

-Hermana Erickson 1

Another PS, can you send Riss’s email to me? She hasn’t told me anything :(

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