Thursday, April 11, 2013

#17 [Azua - 13] April, 1st, 2013

Hello!! Thank you for your letter - I enjoyed it very much. I love that dad sends us a play-by-play of the day. Just like it's always been. It makes me happy :) Thank you, dad, for writing so much, you are very funny to read. Maybe that is where I get it from. OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS!!! :)

Also, congratulations to Jacob for becoming a Bear Scout!! What an accomplishment!! yay!!

As far as the vitamins that Riss apparently left, I don't know if she did. I haven't heard anything about them. So... I hope I get them. I was looking forward to those, and being healthy. I need to work on that. Tomorrow, I will start doing 45 push-ups in the morning, instead of 40. I hope my arms can handle it. If not, they will learn. haha.

I am surprised that you haven't heard anything from Riss or her president, how odd. I hope she is alive.

Yes, I am alive, and I am training! It is so weird! My new companion is 21. Her name is Hermana H. It is REALLY hard for people here to say. Also, it is hard for Americans to say too. I can barely say it. But she is from Springville. She is pretty cool. She doesn't understand my humor, so that could be the most annoying thing, but other than a couple things like that, she's cool. I am learning to love her more every day. She left a month before Riss, so she spent 6 weeks in the MTC here, and can't speak Spanish very well. We make sure to try to split the lesson up evenly, and she does well. She makes me a proud mother; haha.

Hermana G's companion is from Chicago - and she is 19. She came here not knowing Spanish either, but studied real hard in the MTC, and knows quite a lot. She can't understand much, but she can speak. She sounds totally gringa, but still. They are both very sweet. It is super weird having two more sisters in the apartment.

We had to split our area up, and we really didn't know how to. Because most all of our investigators are in the bottom half of our area, and so we both wanted that area, just because. We didn't tell the new girls anything about the area, and we held a house prayer to figure out which area to get. We all prayed, and HG's daughter (comp) felt good about the top half, and mine felt good about the bottom, so that is what happened - so we got most of the investigators. YAY! Which was a miracle - because I have confidence with them, and maybe I wouldn't have had so much with the new people, who knows? But yeah, we have been working pretty hard. None of them came to church, but K... did, and he WAS in our area still (the bottom half,) and then on Thursday, we walk by his house, and he's MOVING! I was in shock. I couldn't say anything. It was terrible. And he was moving like, 2 hours away. BUT it was still in our rama, so that is good. He just won't be our investigator. His sister is in the other sister's area, so they get to teach her, and sometimes he is there. Then, they asked him why he didn't want to get baptized, and he said it was because he was moving, and he loved our branch and didn't want to get baptized and then leave. So...he might be getting baptized soon. We can only hope and pray. I love him. He is the greatest.

When I first started training, I was super nervous because I hadn't really done a lot of talking - Herm G always talked, and didn't really give me the chance to. So, I had like 0 experience with anything, but I prayed a lot, and wow, I felt so confident, and the lessons went really well. I think the people respond really well to me. They told me that I sound native. A lady on the bus asked me if I was Latina :) that was a compliment. And people are starting to think I am Spanish, from Spain, yahoo!!! I apparently sound awesome. It is all the help of the Lord. I am nothing without Him. Thank goodness I have Him though.

How was Easter at home? Hopefully better than it was here. They celebrate Semana Santa here, so they party all week long. They don't even mention Christ. In church, I don't think they mentioned the resurrection at all, which made me miss home a little bit. They always focus so much on Him, and here, all they do is get drunk all week, especially on Sunday. Super sad.

But I love you all very much, I hope you have a great day, and enjoy your trip to HAWAII!!!

I know the church is true. I am so grateful to be speaking Spanish, and to be receiving many blessings due to my service. I hope the family is getting the blessings too. :) love you!!!!!

Also, enjoy general conference!!!!! ox ox ox
probably way too much love,

Hermana Erickson 1

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