Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rachel – MTC #4 December 29th, 2012

I love you too!! We have been enjoying our last prep day. It is a weird feeling knowing that it is my last... But yes!, I am still headed straight to the field!! weird!!!! :) :) Oh well!

So, I can't really remember what you all said last letter, and I know that I said that I would reply to it, but I can't remember.. oops! But, I do have a few things to say. :)

First – There are 3 people here that remind me of 3 people back home. Cody's cousin, Chase, has a look-alike/act alike here. He and I are actually pretty good friends. The only thing different is that Elder Martinez is Hispanic looking, other than that, he reminds me a lot of him. The second person, also named Elder Martinez, looks, talks, and acts like cousin WILLIE! I know, it's freaky, and funny. Once again, he is Hispanic. Willie is definitely not :) The last person is my companion–Sister Cooper. She is like our neighbor ISABELLE!!!! Yes, she looks like her, and somewhat acts like her. The other day, she made a joke about how she loves to eat butter, and I was like, WHAT?! So yeah, it made me miss Isabelle...I never thought I would say that. I do love Isabelle. Hahaha

The next thing – The package that you sent before Christmas was a huge success! I shared the huge Reese's with my district, and they all loved it. Sister Rupp ate a lot of the peanut brittle. She loved it. Well done... Speaking of Sister Rupp, she gave her mom your Email address, because she sent pictures home, and her mom is going to forward them to you. So check your Email. Speaking of pictures, I cannot send any! I do not have a cord. I think I mentioned that before, but I don't have a cord. If possible, can you send me one? Because yeah, no cord=no pictures. I have the red camera-the same one as Riss, so she knows what it looks like. I have my charger, but not the connector. :) Thanks!!

Oh! On Sunday, we had Sister Brown (old backdoor neighbor) come and speak to us for Relief Society. It was nice to see a familiar face. It is hard to apply things from other people's lives to your own. Oh well. She is the MTC president's daughter-in-law.

Like I said on Christmas, we heard from Elder Nelson. He talked about how our goal is to make life better for others. I totally agree. I can't wait to help people realize the gospel!! He also talked a lot about how we are going to enemy territory, and in order to be safe, we must be obedient. That part got me a little freaked out to go to the DR. Also, a sister in my district keeps telling me that I will get robbed because I am white, which is logical, but I am going to pray really hard to not get – 1. robbed, 2. raped, 3. kidnapped, 4. killed, 5. organs stolen, 6. everything else :) I don't want it.

One thing that I miss (besides the fam-bam) is the piano! I want to just play the piano, with no one singing along, or no one listening. I miss that, a lot. Oh well, such is life. I will get over it.

Well, I think that is all I really have to tell you. Oops, nope. I will probably send a package on Wednesday, since I leave on Thursday. I will put my coat inside, and a few other things that I will probably not use. :) So, look for that.

Another thing. THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!! it made me so happy that I got one yesterday! I am glad you sent the umbrella. I will need that. I realized that my shoes probably won't last the whole mission and that I wish I had some white shoes–even though I know they will get dirty. Just so you know, I have yet to stain anything :) What a big deal!

If you end up sending a package before I leave, I just want Wite-out. I was going to buy some, and then I didn't. I think I have everything else. I don't need anymore candy. I feel fat. But I know I am not. The scale says that I have lost a few pounds, but who knows. It could be 10 pounds off, and in reality I have gained 15. Whatever, as long as I can move and fit in my clothes, right? haha

Also, I didn't hear you honk past the MTC - darn. I wish that I did. I was probably in class. :)

Hmmm... tell Riss that I am working on her letter today. I have been doing laundry and I have 7 letters to write to people! I guess I only have about 3 more, but still. They are going to be long. Did she ever get my letter that I sent to SUU? She never mentioned anything, so I am wondering if she did. Also, by the time I send her letter, it probably won't be picked up until Monday, and she'll get it on Wednesday? maybe.

I still have 12 minutes left, so I will ramble. Yesterday, we had in-field orientation that lasted 13 hours. Luckily, they gave us small breaks for lunch and stuff, or we all would've gone berserk! 13 hours is a pretty long time. We just talked about how important it is to contact people and get referrals and all that jazz. I am glad it's over, but I think I learned a few valuable things, :) hopefully.

I am going to miss my companions–mainly Sister Rupp. She is so great, and I don’t get annoyed with her. I like Sister Cooper as well, but sometimes she is too much to handle. Oh well. She'll be a great missionary, I have no doubt. I will also miss my Elders. They are so fun to be with, and I like talking to them. They will change people's lives for sure!!

Tell Jakey that I am glad he wrote me that letter, the letter R. So thoughtful of him! What a stud!

I would love to hear from everyone about their Christmas. That would be a fun thing. Right? Right.

Another side note that just comes to me as I write. I would love to get Kelton's Emails. Do you know my gmail information? I wonder if his mom is still sending them to me. I would love to hear from him... :) yep.

Umm.... I think that is all I can think about. Really, my mind is empty! We will have time after this to write letters, so that is what is on the agenda.

I love you all!!!!!! Thank you for everything. I know the gospel is true!!!!!!!!!

-Love forever, Hermana Erickson


ps, I will call you on Thursday morning. My flight is at 8 I think–so around 6-7. :) I hope the kids don't go back to school until after that, I wanna talk! Also, I hope Marissa's job interview went well!!!

Peace and love, Herm. Erickson

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