Monday, December 9, 2013

#52 [La Venta - 12] Dec, 2nd, 2013

Man, I feel like you guys were just in Disneyland! how fun. I for sure remember last year at this time going with dad and the other siblings :) good times. Remember how we would try to touch noses? hahaha, good times.

Ok, this week was lame compared to last week. I have a few things cool that happened.

We have mice in our house, and the other day, we caught two of them. We caught them using Tupperware and our sink. We didn't know what to do with them, so we took them to our neighbor, and then he killd them. He shook one to death, and the other he let his little head out of the container, and then he beat it with a stick. I think we are going to try poison.... we ended up using the Tupperware for something later. If we all die, it might be that. :) haha

What else happened...oh yeah. So for Thanksgiving, no one celebrates it here. It isn't a holiday, so it's nothing, but we decided to celebrate nonetheless. We woke up and made potatoes, beans, juice, and bought rolls. Then, we (pretty much went to KFC, but it's called Pica Pollo.) We ate fried chicken. It tasted like turkey, I guess. OH! we also made gravy, but it wasn't traditional. Herm Peck made it and we had no flavoring, so we were grossed out, cuz it's just flour and milk. Then, I remembered that Kelton gave me Beef Jerky, and I hadn't eaten it yet! So we put it in a blender and had jerky gravy... not to be confused with turkey gravy. And it was good! :) so that worked nicely. We ate lunch with the elders, and they all loved our food. We weren't planning on sharing, but they all looked so covetous. In the picture, the gravy is at the bottom.

My English skills are declining and my Spanish skills are... not improving, but whatever. I am probably down to a third grade writing level.

I hope Head had a good birthday. It’s tough when it's on Sunday, but I still hope it was fun. I was thinking of her throughout the day.

We got to go to the temple with our recent converts this Saturday. It was good. 2 of them couldn't enter, and two didn't go. A__ and E__ couldn't go in because they don't have the priesthood. I__ went in, but couldn't do baptisms because her hair is colored. Y__ went in and had her own family names, so that was good. I really have come to love the temple :) that's also good.

Um... our stove is still broken. We keep cooking enchiladas and pizza on the stove top with boiling water underneath–that's fun.

Transfers were last night, and a HUGE shocker. Everyone is STAYING – again. We all doubted it big time. Apparently no one in the zone is leaving either. Just the one elder leaving home; interesting. We are all happy. We sure love this area. But three transfers with one person is a lot of time. We should be good. This will prepare me for marriage... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha (They found out that the Branch members had prayed for them to stay and that the Branch President requested that they stay.)

Well, that is all I can think of. We don't have many investigators because we baptized them. We have to find more, and we are on that now. Things are going great. I can't believe it's December. It's hard to imagine snow back home, or even wearing a jacket. I just sweat all the time... still.

I am surprisingly staying very sane and happy. My clothes are fine, and I still have lots of happiness to be here. That sentence sounds better in Spanish... I don't know how to say it in English... haha

Well, love you lots! Have fun in DISNEYLAND! :)

Love, Rachel. The missionary. Hermana Erickson #1

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