Monday, February 4, 2013

Rachel #9 [Azua - 5] February 4th, 2013

There are dogs everywhere here! They don’t attack me, but they are prevalent. Oh well. They don't bother me at all.

Also, none of our investigators are really following through. It is the most annoying thing in the world. But such is life. If I could chew them out in English, I would, but I don't know the words in Spanish to give them a boche. (Spanish word for getting chewed out haha.)

OK, SO a couple things happened here in the DR this week. First off. The pink net and fan were given to me by the mission office. But I have to pay for them, so they weren't free. :( Darn, and yeah. I really appreciate the fan. It gets so hot at night!

Oh! So we had a brilliant idea to teach English classes for the people here - to find them and such, and so we went around to like, 100 people and just told them about it. They were all like, "Oh, the church is cool, but ENGLISH CLASSES? now that is something useful." haha but yeah. We had it on Saturday, and NOT A SOUL showed up. We were expecting at least one, but no. It was kinda disappointing.

HAHA – so I was typing about the power outage that we had the other night, and right after I typed it, the power went out here!!! It was super creepy. So, hopefully the lights stay on now. haha :) When the lights were out the other day, we were able to sit on the roof before planning, because we couldn't be out in the pitch black. So we went home and pondered about God's creations. :)

Oh also, there is huge drought here in Azua. There is no water, so we can't do laundry. So, we are all praying that there is water and that the pipes get fixed. We will see, but that is fun.

The other day, we were walking, and my knee randomly gave out! Like, it hyper-extended, and hurt super bad. But I didn't let it stop me, and the pain is now gone. It only lasted a few days. It was...odd.

OH! does Kasha get these emails? If yes, then this is for her. If no, send this part to her. Last night, we were in the apartment, just cooking dinner and such, and all of the sudden, I hear a tune. It was a familiar tune, one that we both know and hold dear to our hearts. Then I started singing. "Every night in my dreams, I see you. I FEEL YOU! That is how I know you.. go on! NEAR, FAR, WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!" Yes, they were playing it on the loud speakers! Oh man, it made me so happy and it made me miss you. Ps, you should probably write me a letter. You wrote more letters to Kelton than you have to me, and I am your favorite cousin on your dad's side, that is a girl, that was born in the same year as you. :)

I was also told that I will probably be training for my entire mission.. so.. that is exciting. I might be keeping this same schedule. But, I will be happy to train.

With our investigators - they are being dumb, and it drives me nuts! We are trying. We have another date - his name is Antonio. He has been studying Gospel Principles for over 15 years, and he is definitely prepared. I am excited for him. Samuel and Ana haven't come to church, and Jose is progressing. Also, Argeli and Izy are progressing. Argeli's little sister that always made fun of him for wanting to be baptized randomly came up to us and said she wanted to be baptized.. and she was being serious! So...that was a blessing. We are going to work with her. Right now, we have A LOT of investigators-they are filling up. We already have all of our plans for next week... so.. yeah, BUSY BUSY.

Other than that, the work is progressing. I am doing well, and my Spanish is still.. alright. I don't know.

Until next week,
Hermana Rachel Erickson :)

ps, OH! We had the opportunity to go to our favorite bread factory and see how the pan de paso is made (raisin bread-it's not raisin-there is just a raisin on top. They are the best rolls. Kinda like Shirley's.) But they let us help make them, and it was SUPER fun and way hot. We didn't take pictures, because we were right in there, rolling rolls and putting raisins on top. They were making fun of me, but I am used to it :) haha. I love it here. They are all so nice to me, and they are just so open and willing. Also, we got the recipe for the rolls. But they gave it to us like this: 50 lbs of flour, 5 lbs of sugar.... so.. we will have to do some math to figure out how to only make a few, haha.

Love you all!!!
Have a good Black History Month! :)
-Herm. Erickson

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