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#10 [Azua - 6] Feb. 11th, 2013


First off, I want to wish Happy Birthday to LAUREN and KASHA! Louie's is tomorrow (the big 21!) and Kasha's is the 15th (22.... old fart.) haha I hope they have a great day. I am happy to hear that Lou got my letter. Please keep me updated about Cole's mission call. Lucky that they are in Disneyland. Oh well, I went earlier :)

I took a picture with a Pennsylvania license plate today- it's rare to see those here! :) :) haha, so I had to take a picture!

Here are your questions:
Any more thoughts about teaching English classes? We actually had about 15 people show up this week! We were going to cancel it if no one came, but they announced it in church last week, so a few members came, and then a few investigators came. It was great. We are making them bring friends for next time though. But thank goodness it turned out better than the week before. It dampened our spirits when no one showed up!

Any water changes?
Well, we ended up getting water on Tuesday, but it was all dirty! ugh. But at least we had water... now, we do not have any water. Our reserves are almost completely dry. We will try to find some place to buy water, so wish us luck! The neighbor will probably sell some of his - he has some.

Any luck with doing laundry? Where is that febreze when you need it?
Haha right?! No febreze. Luckily, my clothes don't smell bad... haha... but seriously. And we decided to do some laundry on Wednesday? or Thursday. We thought the water would clear up, and it did a little, but it still wasn't super clean. We did laundry anyways. Not much we can really do about it. Also, we showered in the dirty water... but used soap, so it cleaned it :) haha

Are you able to print things off while at the Internet café or would it be better to send them via post? I will try to accomplish that task this week. Thank you. I think we can print things out here. I am actually positive that we can, so Email is fine. I just have to remember to print them. We went to a member's house yesterday, and she showed us how to cook really delicious rice and chicken. She let us take it home to eat, but I got the recipe, so I will be making that when I arrive home. (In almost 16 months! Tomorrow is month 2! Crazy.), but yeah. Whenever there is a pause in a conversation I like to ask their favorite food, and how to cook it. I want to be able to cook Dominican foods!! :) :), so that is a goal I have. Also, we are perfecting the recipes that we know. :)

We pray that the work is moving along. Is A..'s sister still interested in being baptized?
•    Thank you for your prayers - we need them. None of our investigators ever come to church... it is very frustrating. We think she is. She didn't show up to our appointment the other day, but we suspect that she is. We want to give A... a date on Wednesday - when we meet with him again :)
•    E...- she is 20- is getting baptized the 23rd of this month. We are very excited. As long as she goes to church the next two weeks, she can get baptized. I hope she does. She goes to school in SD, and comes back on the weekends, so sometimes she misses, but she tries not to. :) Pray for her!! :)
•    S... and A.... ugh! Still don't come, and they promise, so it is so annoying. We've tried everything. We are thinking that it is just not their time, and that we have done all that we can do for them.
•    J... the ice cream man is doing great. He's so great. He really wants to get baptized with his granddaughter- so they can support each other. We are working with the elders so they can be baptized together :)
•    A... is the newest- we don't think his wife is really interested, so whenever we pass by and ask her to tell him we did, she doesn't. He didn't come to church because he was sleeping, and his wife didn't wake him up. So... yeah. Struggles.
•    I... and her family are... alright. We didn't get to meet with them at all. They weren't home every single time we went... but we hope they are there tomorrow. Today is I..'s 18th birthday. (In other Emails, I said she was 20, but she is 17 - now 18.) Hopefully they can progress as a family.
•    Last, we have K.... He is 19, and reminds me so much of Dave. His smile is the same, it's weird. I always like being with K... though, he's super great. His little sister, A..., came to church last week, and he came this week! It was cool, because when we first met him, he said that he didn't want to come to church ever, and then this last time we talked, he totally wanted to. Ah, he's great. We meet with him on T/TH. They loved it when we showed them all of the temples. They want to get married in a temple :) We are really excited to keep working with him though.

Other than that, no one else is really progressing. We had to drop a lot of people this week- the people here just love to hear about God, and they don't really care about which religion they are, because it is all the same God. So, that is tough to convince them that religion matters. Any suggestions?

Also, Happy Valentine's Day on Thursday! Make sure to buy lots of old candy on Kasha's birthday! :) haha. That's what we always did in college. :) hehe. But speaking of Valentine's day, we ordered a cake to be made, so we will be celebrating. We ordered it from the bakery that we got the tour of last week. We are all pretty good friends there. One of the guys is so hilarious; he always tries to speak English to me, and he always tells me that I am the prettiest girl he's ever seen and such. The other day, when he saw me, he kneeled down and started blowing kisses... and then he was like, "If I had a wife like that, I would never let her go outside." Haha, what a nice fellow. I don't know his name, but when he delivers the cake, I will ask him. I will probably get a picture of him as well. Funny... the bakery isn't in our area, so we don't see him lots, but he has learned my name. He makes me happy even though it is SUPER awkward :)

HG was sharpening one of our knives the other day, and she was sawing it on the sharpening device thing. I am pretty sure that is not how it's done, right? Pretty sure you don't do that – haha :)

Well, I think that is about all that I have to write about. Not much is happening here. We had transfers last night, and I am pretty sure that we are staying here–they never told us otherwise. :)

I love you all and wish you the happiest week :) Thank you for your support and prayers :) :)

Love you forever!
Hermana Erickson :

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