Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#5 [Azua - 1] Jan. 7th, 2013

We got to the DR MTC around 10:30pm-ish. We found out that we (the 20 or so that flew there) were the only ones in the entire MTC! That was cool. Sister B. and I were the only ones going out to the field. About half of them were going to Puerto Rico, so I told them to remember my name, so they could say hi to Riss. :) We'll see what happens. But since we got there so late, they had me and Sis. B stay in the MTC. The MTC pres. and wife were so nice! I wanted to stay longer - also, the MTC seemed like a 5 star hotel, when compared to the Provo MTC. Riss should look forward to that!! :) We didn't end up going to bed until around 2, so they let us sleep in!! only until 7, but still. I was picked up at 8, which was right after breakfast. I was told that I would have until 11, which made me happy, since they were going to take a tour of the temple, but NOPE! I missed the tour. Sis B. got to go though. Lucky...

So we drove to the mission office, and I got all checked in. I wrote you a letter, and they took a picture. It looks terrible because I didn't shower, so I look tired and greasy. Yup.. what a keepsake! Then I met the comp. She is from California, and speaks English. Her name is Sister Gamez. I like her. She's only been here since October. She is Mexican (–not racist, she's actually from Mexico!!), but yeah. After talking to the president and his wife, who both only know Spanish and were impressed what I knew after 3 weeks, they both told me to get some sleep. Apparently I looked REALLY TIRED! which is true. But yeah. So during our two hour bus ride, I slept. My first area is a place called AZUA. It's nice. Well, considering where I am at, it is nice. The pres. told me that I would not go anywhere that is not safe, so you can now relax. :) haha

OH! speaking of Spanish, when we got to the DR MTC, the president was like, "Okay, so we have two that are going out to the field... who are they?" and so Sister B. and I raised our hands. Then he was like, "I understand you.. " pointing to her, "but you.. huh" and so I told him that yeah, I looked gringa, but I could speak. It made me laugh :) I'm so funny – yep; kidding, but it was funny :)

Mail takes about a month to get to you. Just fyi.

Ok, now I will tell you everything that I wanted to tell you :) ready? ok!

• A bunch of people in the Provo MTC got really sick. Our district was surrounded by sicklings, but surprisingly, no one in our AWESOME group got sick. Sis. B. did, but that was probably because she took 4 Tylenol in 4 hours, instead of 1 every 4 hours. OVERDOSE!! yep. She was nervous. But yeah, people were sick - there were at least 50 that went to the hospital.
• The children here love me! It might be because I am white, but maybe not. I blame my sparkling personality.
• Oh, Jeff -- So Dominican Republic is richer than Peru, right? Well, we are not allowed to eat at member's homes, and also, we don't have a cook!! So we make all of our food, and clean and do our laundry! That really has nothing to do with the financial status, but oh well. But I think it's dumb that we have to cook our own food. Mainly because we cook like, spaghetti. I am not getting the DR experience!! – also, I am not getting sick, so it is probably for the best!
• One thing about the people here, is that they LOVE their music!!!! like, SO MUCH. We live right next to a bar, and they always have their music blaring! I have never heard music so loud. They have trucks that are made of speakers, and they drive around. I think the country would not be so poor if they would spend their money on food instead of HUGE speakers. I dunno, just a thought. Luckily, yesterday was pretty quiet.
• The church building is super nice! It's like the one in Peru (but nicer, since the people here are richer :) haha) and it's got lots of fans, so we don't boil. They asked me to play the piano, and I did alright..... you know how I am when people start singing.. ugh. Oh well.

Oh! so yesterday, my comp and I were making spaghetti, right? right. Well, she was like, "do you want to add butter to the noodles?" So I was like, sure. So she adds a nice little bit; good amount, and then she opens another container and scoops a HUGE HUGE spoonful into the bowl! Like, 2 times as much butter as noodles. Uh, no. So while she was turned away, I scooped it out and threw it away. I am not getting fat! no sir! I don't think she noticed. :)

Anyways, the first day I was here (besides Friday-since I rested all day), we got 2 baptisms!! I asked one of the people, and she asked the other. So we have two :) They are both in Feb., on the 16th, and the 23rd. We're excited. We have a lot of investigators. The people here are so open, and they talk to anyone, it's great. They have real toys - unlike the cars that Sister Craig had... just so you know :), but yeah. E... is a 20 year old girl, she's the one I asked, who’s getting baptized (or supposed to be) on the 16th, and S.... Who knows how old he is. He has to get married first, which is why the date is pushed back.

One last thing. We went to the market today, and wow. It is crowded! The clothes there were American, and there wasn't anything DR-ish. But I did get proposed to a few times, and a lot of people told me I was pretty. What a boost of confidence :) haha

Love you all so much!!!!!!! :) :) I hope your new years was fun and exciting!

Much love, from the DR :)

-Hermana Erickson :)

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